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Cheap Tiny Plastic Flower Pots Wholesale

The surface soil is dry and then watered(200 cell seed starting trays). The interval between two waterings varies with climatic conditions, sunshine conditions, plant growth and soil properties. Moisture is very important for any plant. How to water the heart for the season, you need constant experience(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The following is the experience of the mentoring experience accumulated by the experienced people for many years. I hope to help the vast number of lovers!(cheap tiny plastic flower pots wholesale)

The leaves have fallen, and the water consumption is not large, as long as the humidity is not dry enough(72 cell propagation trays). The first rejuvenation in the spring is green, as long as the water is drenched, pay attention to the loose soil to keep it moist, do not pour water. The buds thus extracted are relatively thick. The jointing is also shorter. The number of waterings can be slightly increased before the flowering period to keep the soil moist and the flowers are not easy to wither(plastic nursery pots). Topdressing should be carried out in conjunction with watering, but try not to let the fertilizer water drain.

The amount of water should be sufficient, especially in the evening(32 cell seed starter trays). The rainy season controls the watering. When the climate is too dry, you can spray more water to increase the humidity of the air. In order to keep the branches and leaves bright and beautiful before flowering, you can also spray water to remove dust. However, the water spray should not be over-frequency, so as to prevent the chloride in the tap water from accumulating on the leaf surface for a long time and damage the leaves(wholesale nursery pots). In the season when the black spot disease occurs, the spores are transmitted by the leaf surface water, causing the disease to spread.

(cheap tiny plastic flower pots wholesale)It is not appropriate to mechanically water the rose for a few days(plant start trays wholesale). The time of watering interval should be flexibly controlled according to the local climate, soil and plant growth stage and growth conditions, and the flowering staff should carefully observe and summarize the rules. Practice has proved that no matter whether it is watering the potted plants or the ground-growing seasons(plastic nursery pots wholesale), it must be poured according to the characteristics of its physiological activities and water in a timely manner, in order to promote continuous rooting and open flowers, and maintain a strong growth.

In the winter dormancy period(200 cell seed starter trays), the watering management of potted rose flowers should adopt the principle of “internal dry watering”. The so-called "internal dry irrigation" is a one-time pouring, so that the water penetrates into the roots, the soil is fully moistened, but it does not accumulate water until the water is absorbed and evaporated. If the fertilization is excessive, there is a phenomenon of burning leaves, which should be immediately watered to rescue(black plastic nursery pots). High temperatures in summer, large amounts of water evaporation, especially in the dry season, so watering each morning and evening.

(cheap tiny plastic flower pots wholesale)Note: In the autumn transplant, combined with pouring winter water before winter(seedling trays wholesale), you can apply a decomposed sesame paste residue as base fertilizer. Spraying in the hot and dry weather should be carried out in the morning and evening. In rainy days, it is necessary to pay attention to timely drainage and not to cause damage. When transplanting seedlings, in addition to applying base fertilizer, generally do not apply other fertilizers(plug trays wholesale). Potassium fertilizer, reducing nitrogen fertilizer to control the growth of new shoots. And by applying organic fertilizer, an appropriate number of flowering branches can be formed.

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