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Break off the leaves and air them for 3-5 days(50 cell seed starter trays). When the water at the wound is dry, put them in the flowerpot with damp substrate. The soil is slightly wet. Put the leaves directly on it. Put the leaves face up and back down. Put them in the warm shade and ventilated place(nursery plant trays). They can germinate and take root for about 7-14 days for the first time. No watering is needed during this period, but careful observation is needed.

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After 30 days, the germination rate was 100%. The double headed blue stone lotus can also be inserted into the stem(72 cell seed starter trays). Plant growth is slow in summer high temperature, placed in a well ventilated situation, to avoid sun exposure, should control watering and fertilization(gallon planting pots). When the buds grow up, the bluestone lotus likes to be ventilated, dry and sunny. In summer, it needs to be properly shaded It is resistant to drought, cold and half shade.

(cheap trade gallon pot manufacturers canada)It is better to put it in a cool place, break off the side buds, and insert them into the soil obliquely for propagation(18 cell seed starting trays). Take the newly planted blue stone lotus to bask in the sun. It should be basked gradually 7 days later. At first, it will see light in the morning, and then gradually increase the light(3 gal plant containers). Don't rush to water the newly planted blue stone lotus. After 5 days, water it again. Don't water too much to make the soil completely wet.

Spring, autumn and early summer are the main growth periods of plants, which can be given sufficient light(20 cell seed starting trays). In winter, if the indoor temperature is lower than 5 ℃, fertilization should be avoided. When planting, keep it dry. The air humidity may be a little high, but the basin soil should not accumulate water, or it will perish easily(4.33inch plastic plant pots). Each pot can place multiple leaves, depending on the size of the pot. It can be transplanted into a new basin.(cheap trade gallon pot manufacturers canada)

Blue stone lotus likes warm conditions, but it is not resistant to high temperature(40 cell seed starting trays). In summer, when the sun is strong, other seasons should be placed in warm, dry and sunny conditions. When Schisandra chinensis was transplanted, its root system was underdeveloped and its growth season was in season(black plastic plant containers). Every 20 days or so, thin liquid fertilizer was applied, which was about low nitrogen and high phosphorus potassium compound fertilizer.

(cheap trade gallon pot manufacturers canada)During the high temperature period, the water should be less, and it is not allowed to water blindly in the immediate dormancy period(104 cell seed starting trays). When growing vigorously, sufficient water should be given, so that the plant can grow vigorously [5]. During the growth period, water management should follow the principle of "see dry and see wet, pour and then pour through"(plastic seed trays). When the temperature is lower than 5 ℃ in winter, water should be controlled.

When the air is dry, spray water around the plant to keep the air moist, but the center of the leaf cluster should not be flooded, which will rot the heart and even cause death(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). Blue stone lotus likes fertile and well drained soil. In summer, fertilization is not allowed in the high temperature dormancy period, but in the growth period, it can be applied properly, and special fertilizer for succulent plants can be applied(germination flats).

The branches are thin and weak(105 cell seed starter trays). In order to speed up the seedling growth, the technology of deep fertilization by transplanting rice with thin planter is a high-yield cultivation technology that is being tried out and popularized in recent years. For fertilization, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium should be applied together(plug tray nursery). Compared with the conventional fertilization by transplanting rice with machine, the roots and buds can grow in about 1-2 weeks.(cheap trade gallon pot manufacturers canada)

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