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In succulents, sage can be said to be very easy to raise(propagation tray). Xiaobian will introduce you to the three breeding methods of Buddha grass, and friends who like Buddha grass can learn. Transplanting can be carried out in spring, summer and autumn. It is required to have a flat, loose and moist cultivated plot, and to make a ditch. The distance between the furrows is about 10-15cm, and the plants are removed from the roots of the nursery(square nursery pots). Planting was carried out at a plant spacing of 5 cm.

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(cheap v11 nursery pots wholesale supplier)After the planting is completed, the land is leveled and watered, and it is necessary to flood the water(plug trays). Once every three days, about 2-3 times (depending on temperature and temperature). This method is obtained by researchers in our institute through experiments and has a very good effect. Sowing is mainly suitable for rainy season or cloudy day(seed starter trays). It requires flat, loose and moist cultivated plots. It is required to be too large, too large for inconvenience, 2×25m.

After covering with the fine soil, it is sprayed and irrigated, and it is required to keep the soil moist(gallon plant pot). It takes about one week to root and can be used for daily management. Cutting is suitable for summer and autumn. It requires flat, loose and moist cultivated plots. It can be used as a ditch(wholesale greenhouse pots). The distance between the grooves is 10-15cm. The vigorous stems and leaves are cut into 10cm, to 3 - A group of four roots, buried in the ditch buried in the soil, probably buried 3-4cm of soil.

(cheap v11 nursery pots wholesale supplier)After leveling the ground, flooding the water requires that the water must be sufficient(cell trays). Once every three days, about 2-3 times (depending on temperature and temperature). In the spring and autumn, water is usually poured every 2 weeks; the water should be poured once in the evening or the next morning, but we can't keep the soil too dry, because if the plant is in a state of water shortage for a long time, it will grow slowly(greenhouse supplies pots). Phenomenon, and the color of the leaves will lose its luster.

Also known as Wanniancao and Buddha nails, it is a perennial herb of Sedum(gallon nursery pots). Uniform sowing in the whole sorghum, the spacing of the stems and leaves of the sowing is about 1cm, the leaves are thick green, rich in metallic luster, the fleshy tubers in the lower part of the ground, and easily split to form clusters, plant height 3O ~ 5O cm(plastic grow pots). A common succulent plant, although it is better to raise, if it is improperly watered, especially after applying a sufficient amount of fertilizer.(cheap v11 nursery pots wholesale supplier)

Herbicides with long residual periods should not be used in the grass, such as metsulfuron, atrazine, and chlorhexidine(black plastic plant pots). In the process of cultivating and breeding Buddha's grass, its ability to resist pests and diseases has always been talked about by the growers. In the currently published literature, there are few reports of other pests and diseases other than the polyphagous beet armyworm(flat plastic tray). The management of weeds has gradually become the most concerned issue in the process of breeding Buddha grass.

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