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Cheap Vegetable Growing Trays Suppliers Philippines

The optimum sowing time is from March to April and the ground temperature is 12 ℃(3 gallon nursery pots). The sowing amount per mu is 1-1.5kg. Before sowing, fill enough bottom water, mix the seeds with fine sand, and cover the soil with no seeds. After sowing, cover the grass and spray water properly, and germinate about 10 days later(50 cell seed trays wholesale). After the seedlings are basically out of line, remove the cover grass in real time and stop shading.

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It is necessary to pull grass, loosen soil and water in real time, and apply fertilizer several times(2 gallon nursery pots). Generally, the shade shed can be gradually removed after September. In spring, the seedlings can be planted out of the nursery or transferred to the bed. After cutting and rooting, we stop applying fertilizer 2-3 times(seed planting trays wholesale), they have very good characteristics, so we plant them in pieces, and the row spacing of the initial planting density can be 2m × 3M.

(cheap vegetable growing trays suppliers philippines)Generally, Metasequoia is planted with seedlings(cheap nursery pots). "Four sides" greening should be planted with 4-5-year-old big seedlings, with a spacing of 3M × 4m or 4m × 6m. For real-time mountain afforestation, it is necessary to select gentle slope land with deep, fertile and humid soil layer, and gully, ditch side and mountain depression with good drainage(18 cell plug trays supplier). Generally, it is better to use 2-3-year-old seedlings, and strong the seedlings.

When planting large seedlings of Metasequoia glyptostroboides(cheap plastic flower pots), it is necessary to take more permanent soil, keep the lateral roots as much as possible, and plant them at the same time to avoid the influence of wind and sun on survival. It is better to plant at the end of winter, which is convenient for the damaged root system to recover rapidly and the survival rate is higher(162 cell plug trays supplier). Prepare the ground and make the bed carefully, and apply sufficient base fertilizer.

How to cultivate such a beautiful violet flower? When transplanting melon and vegetable seedlings(plastic nursery plant pots), it is best to apply the base fertilizer 10-15 days in advance according to the soil fertility and crop types, and seal the soil. In this way, when the melon and vegetable seedlings are transplanted(200 cell plant trays bulk), the fertilizer has been dissolved in the soil, and the roots of the seedlings can quickly absorb the nutrients in the soil, slow the seedlings.(cheap vegetable growing trays suppliers philippines)

Moreover, after this transplanting, the fertilizer will not gather into a pile to burn the seedlings(plant growing pots). The second is phosphate fertilizer, which generally requires 3.37 kg of nitrogen, 2.26 kg of phosphorus and 5.93 kg of potassium per 1000 kg of bean production. The basic application and topdressing can be carried out according to the following plan(200 cell plug trays supplier). On this basis, low fertility field increased slightly, while high fertility field reduced the dosage properly.

(cheap vegetable growing trays suppliers philippines)In addition, proper spraying of boron, molybdenum and other trace elements can also promote the growth and development of plants(half gallon container). During the whole growth period of bean, the amount of fertilizer per mu is 2500-3000 kg (or 350-400 kg of commercial organic fertilizer), 8-10 kg of nitrogen fertilizer(32 cell plant trays bulk), 5-6 kg of phosphorus fertilizer (P2O5), and 9-11 kg of potassium fertilizer (K2O). One year old seedlings can be as high as 40 cm.

Therefore, the population is too large, and they need more potassium and nitrogen during the growth period of bean(1 gallon plant pots). Organic fertilizer is used as the base fertilizer, and nitrogen and potassium fertilizer are divided into the base fertilizer and two times of top dressing, and phosphorus fertilizer is used as the base fertilizer(50 cell plant trays bulk). Chemical fertilizer and farm manure (or commercial organic fertilizer) are mixed. The target output per mu is 1500-2000 kg.

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