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Cheap Plastic 1/2 Gallon Nursery Pots Bulk Buy

After harvesting 1-2 stubble of mushroom, if the cultivation bag is in serious water shortage state(1 gallon plastic flower pots), it can be soaked in the prepared nutrient solution until it recovers or approaches the original weight. Acupoint injection. It is mainly used on the mushroom bed(120mm plastic grow pots). This method can be used when there are more mushrooms in the mushroom bed and the water and nutrient consumption are too large. The concentration is appropriate. 

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The specific method is: drill holes in the bacterial bed according to the distance of 10cm, fill the prepared nutrient solution on the bacterial bed, and cover the soil after adding the nutrient solution(3 inch square pots). When the concentration of nutrient solution is too high, it will not only be difficult for mycelium to absorb, but also hinder or even damage the mycelium(12.5cm plastic grow pots). In order to prevent the contamination of heterobacteria, a certain amount of bacteriostatic can be added to the nutrient solution to prevent the growth and spread of heterobacteria.

(cheap plastic 1/2 gallon nursery pots bulk buy)Low concentration can not reach the goal of high yield(11 inch plastic plant pots). If the moisture content of the culture material is high, the concentration should be increased, and the air volume should be increased after adding nutrient solution. Otherwise, the concentration of nutrient solution should be reduced and the water consumption should be increased(16cm plastic grow pots). The concentration of commonly used nutrient solution is 0.3% - 0.5% for urea and 0.2% for potassium dihydrogen phosphate.

Before spring sowing, if the growth of edible fungus is stimulated by hormone(plastic containers for plants wholesale), it should be used after supplement of nutrient solution. Pay attention to environmental changes. When the temperature is above 20 ℃, except for the high temperature type of mushroom, there is no need to add nutrient solution(13cm plastic grow pots). If the culture material has been contaminated by mixed bacteria, it is necessary to remove the mixed bacteria before adding nutrient solution.

In phosphorus deficient soil, 450-600 kg of superphosphate is applied per hectare(7 inch plastic flower pots). The specific fertilization techniques are as follows: at the same time, it needs certain techniques and methods to top up the fertilizer for edible fungi, which are roughly as follows: soaking method. Nutrients are comprehensive(16.5cm plastic grow pots). Several nutrient solutions should be used alternately, so that the nutrition obtained by the fruiting body is comprehensive and reasonable.(cheap plastic 1/2 gallon nursery pots bulk buy)

It is mainly used for bag planting of edible fungus(plastic planters bulk). If nitrogen fertilizer is used as base fertilizer, it must be applied in depth to prevent loss of nitrogen volatilization. In potassium deficient soil, 150 kg of potassium chloride is applied per hectare. In zinc deficient soil, 15kg of zinc sulfate heptahydrate is applied per hectare(14cm plastic grow pots). The results showed that the yield of spring maize increased by 13.3% by applying "light before heavy after heavy" fertilizer.

When applying base fertilizer, it should be mixed with soil evenly(5 inch succulent pot). The top dressing of spring maize is usually "light in the front and heavy in the back", i.e. 1 / 3 of the top dressing is applied before jointing, 75-150 kg urea is applied per hectare, and 2 / 3 of the top dressing is applied at the stage of big trumpet mouth(19cm plastic grow pots), so as to meet the needs of the spikelet and floret differentiation of the female ear of maize and the nutrients in the stage of grain formation.

(cheap plastic 1/2 gallon nursery pots bulk buy)Stable fruit fertilizer of grapefruit tree: quick acting nitrogen fertilizer and phosphorus fertilizer are applied in the first half month of fruit falling in June(4 gallon planter), mature human and animal manure can be applied, and 1% superphosphate extract can be sprayed(15cm plastic grow pots). A small amount of farmyard manure combined with an appropriate amount of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer applied in strips or holes is used as corn seed fertilizer.

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