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When the supply capacity is low(gallon plant pot), the photosynthetic product first meets the needs of the photosynthetic organ itself, and the ratio of distribution to other organs is very small, or even not sent out; when the number of photosynthetic products exceeds the photosynthetic organ itself, it can be sent out, which was 16.4 days ahead of the long light(seed starter trays), and the number of days required is reduced.

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Transport system's transport capacity The distribution direction of organic matter and the amount allocated to an organ depend on the transport capacity of the transport system, that is, the smoothness, distance, and power of the transport system(seed trays). Generally, when the transmission system is unobstructed, the closer to the organ with strong photosynthesis, the higher the priority is to obtain photosynthetic products(black plastic plant pots).

(cheapest 1 gallon fabric pots suppliers peru)This is the principle of nearest supply(square nursery pots). The temperature requirements of different stages of corn growth and development are different. The distribution of organic substances is the result of the interplay between the competitiveness, supply capacity and transportation capacity of the organs(nursery plant pots). This shows that temperature is the main factor affecting the growth period of maize under similar conditions such as light.

The three are not only related to each other, but also influence each other(microgreen trays). However, the competitiveness plays a greater role. Carrying out the sowing experiment in stages, the results show that: when other environmental conditions are suitable, only by meeting the different temperature requirements of each stage of corn can we coordinate and promote its good growth and development(4 cell trays bulk), and finally obtain the ideal yield.(cheapest 1 gallon fabric pots suppliers peru)

From sowing to heading, long light (15 hours) treatment was 80.7 days at normal temperature, while short light (9 hours) The treatment was only 4.3 days(commercial plant pots). After sowing until the corn kernels are sown in the soil, they can begin to germinate when the temperature reaches 6 ~ 7C under the condition of proper moisture, but the germination is extremely slow, and it is easily infected by harmful microorganisms and causes mold(6 cell trays bulk). 

Therefore, under low temperature conditions in the field, the germination of seeds by microorganisms is more harmful than the low temperature direct germination of seeds(plug trays). During the filling period, if the supply of organic matter is sufficient, in addition to meeting the needs of grain growth, it can also increase the amount of distribution to the stem and root; otherwise, the proportion of distribution to the stem and root is significantly reduced(8 cell trays bulk).

(cheapest 1 gallon fabric pots suppliers peru)Therefore, when planting on April 5, the average ground temperature of the 5 cm soil layer is 9 ℃, and the seedling emerges 28 days after sowing(plastic plant trays); planting on April 30, the ground temperature is 15.6 ° C, and emerges 13 days after sowing(12 cell trays bulk); planting on June 5, the ground temperature is 20 ℃ , 7 days after sowing. When the average temperature is 18 ° C, jointing starts 26 days after emergence, and it takes only 14 days at 23.2C.

In production, 28 corn varieties were treated with different light in the greenhouse to study the effect of light on the growth and development of corn(gallon nursery pots). This proves that with the increase of soil temperature during sowing, the speed of emergence and jointing of corn is accelerated(18 cell trays bulk). When the soil temperature is low, even if the temperature is suitable, it will affect the metabolic activity of the corn root system.

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