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Cheapest 20 Gallon Plastic Pots Wholesale Suppliers USA

Therefore, the depth of cultivated land in the sowing area should be 20-25 cm under the general soil conditions(plastic grow trays). Because of the deep distribution of root system, the depth of cultivated land should be 25-35 cm under the general soil conditions. Its main purpose is to make the solid land flat(nursery plant pots), easy to cultivate and make bed (ridge), and at the same time, it is conducive to seedling raising operations such as irrigation and drainage.

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The depth of cultivated land should also consider the climate and soil filling conditions(1 gallon plastic pots). It should be deep under the dry climate, and shallower under the wet conditions: it should be deep for the cohesive solid soil, shallower for the sandy soil; it should be improved for the salt false land, which can restrain the rise of salt and alkali(72 cell seedling trays). For the third time, it is conducted at the beginning of a new growth period of seedlings, i.e. in spring.(cheapest 20 gallon plastic pots wholesale suppliers usa)

The cultivated land season and time are generally carried out in spring and autumn(square nursery pots). In autumn, cultivated land can reduce pests, promote soil ripening, improve ground temperature and maintain soil moisture. In the cold area of North China, autumn ploughing should be carried out after seedling or crop harvest in autumn(50 cell plug trays). Early ploughing can eliminate weeds as soon as possible, reduce the waste of soil nutrients, and obtain a long time of leisure.

Generally, the root system is mainly distributed in the soil layer of 20 Li meters(seedling trays). Through sun castle and freeze castle, dead soil can be changed into living soil, which is conducive to nutrient decomposition. The effect of deep ploughing up to 40-50 cm is good, but it can not be ketone soil: it should be deep in autumn and shallower in spring(black plastic plant pots). In a word, we must depend on the land and the time, and see the application of the soil, so as to achieve the expected effect.

(cheapest 20 gallon plastic pots wholesale suppliers usa)In order to improve the quality of cultivated land, it is necessary to grasp the appropriate time of cultivated land(5 gallon plant pot). Only when the soil filling reaches the mature state, that is, when the soil water content is 50% - 60% of its saturated water content, the quality of cultivated land is the best, the resistance is the smallest, and the cultivation is the best(2 gallon plastic pots). The main purpose is to summarize the transplanting work and find out the problems existing in seedling transplanting.

Different seedling raising methods have different requirements on the depth of land collection(72 cell seed trays). In the field observation, one handgrip of the soil can be squeezed into a ball, which is 1 m high from the ground and falls to the ground naturally. The other is to turn over the upper and lower soil to make the lower soil more mature, and also to restore the aggregate structure of the upper soil(seed starter trays). The topsoil cultivation after cultivated land is called target land.

If the soil ball is mixed and broken(1020 trays), it is suitable for cultivated land, or the new cultivated land does not have large Fort blocks or dry soil, and the fort block will be broken once kicked, which is the best time for cultivated land. At present, the commonly used farming machines and tools are mainly the hanging three Buddha path, five bell plough(105 cell seed starting trays), double wheel and double zinc plough and the new type of animal plough.(cheapest 20 gallon plastic pots wholesale suppliers usa)

For the second time, after the end of a growth period of seedlings, i.e. in autumn(15 gallon nursery pots), the investigation is mainly conducted on the number of dead seedlings from the previous time to this investigation period. Its function is to summarize the production management work in combination with other records in seedling management(plastic terracotta pots), so as to provide quantitative basis for the evaluation and sales of this work, which is conducive to washing machinery.

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