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Cheapest 3 Gallon Black Nursery Pots Suppliers Ireland

Winter-type succulents basically stop growing in summer(plastic nursery pots wholesale), should avoid direct sunlight, but can not be placed in the dark place without light, otherwise it may cause length, affecting the appearance. It is recommended to place it in a bright place in the southwest, or in a place away from direct sunlight, and pay attention to ventilation. Although the origin of succulents is in a hot zone, if the temperature continues to be higher than 35 °, it is also necessary to pay attention to ventilation and cooling(32 cell propagation trays wholesale). If it is home grown, it should be placed indoors and kept in air circulation.

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(cheapest 3 gallon black nursery pots suppliers ireland)The window can be opened at home(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and it is best to leave the window out of the gap when no one is present. In addition, a layer of white stone is placed on the surface of the flower pot soil to reflect the sunlight, which can also reduce the temperature. Succulents are most likely to accumulate water, especially in the summer, the growers will feel that the water in the soil will dry quickly, so the water is often watered, causing the roots to be wet and rot for a long time(21 cell propagation trays wholesale), and it is difficult to return to the sky. In fact, there are many rains in summer and the air is humid.

Although it appears that the soil surface is dry, the bottom is still not dry, especially in the South(seed starter trays). For winter-type succulents, watering should be strictly controlled in summer, and water cuts can be considered for more than 35 °C. Even if you are watering, you only need to wet the surface of the soil around the plants to ensure that the plants survive the summer. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to avoid spraying the water droplets on the blades when watering(15 cell propagation trays wholesale). If there are obvious water droplets remaining in the leaves, they should be blown off to prevent the water droplets from accumulating intense light to burn the leaves.

(cheapest 3 gallon black nursery pots suppliers ireland)Summer-type succulents are in the growing season in summer(plug trays wholesale), and should be given plenty of sunshine, otherwise the plants are easy to grow. In particular, the fleshy stems of the cactus family and the succulent succulents of the genus Euphorbiaceae become slender due to insufficient light, which affects the sense of shape. Therefore, a well-lit environment is most conducive to the growth of such plants. However, during the midsummer period above 35 °C(3 gallon nursery container wholesale price), strong direct sunlight will cause damage to the epidermis of some delicate varieties of plants, so it should be noted that it is properly protected from light.

Like the winter type(black plastic nursery pots), the summer type and the meat should also pay attention to the adverse effects of extreme high temperature on the plants. Ventilation is a necessary condition, and other methods can be used to reduce the temperature of the plant growth environment. The summer-type succulent plants in the growing period need relatively sufficient water, otherwise they will stop growing and the appearance will change. Just compared to other seasons, summer watering should be chosen in the morning and after the evening to avoid watering at high temperatures at noon(2 gallon plant pots wholesale). Avoid watering on the blade when watering, it should be poured in the soil, and the water droplets on the blade should be blown off in time.

(cheapest 3 gallon black nursery pots suppliers ireland)It is recommended to use a pressure watering can to prevent this from happening(plastic nursery pots). Add fertilizer: first put a layer of culture soil, as long as the soil can cover the red jade soil below, and then add a small amount of fertilizer. However, when placing potted flowers, they should be placed according to the adaptability of various flowers to temperature and light. The upper layer can be placed in Milan, jasmine and succulent plants(2 gallon plant pots supplier). The middle layer can be placed in rhododendron, camellia and bamboo. Under the bottom and the flower stand, some shade-resistant foliage plants, bonsai or piles can be placed.

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