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Cheapest 8 Inch Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Netherlands

Only one strong seedling is left in each container of the valve leaf tree, and one or two strong seedlings can be left in each container of the conifer tree(8 cell propagation trays wholesale). In addition, under the condition of high temperature and high humidity, so ventilation should be strengthened to prevent it(8.89cm square grow pots). Water absorbent is a kind of high polymer resin, which has strong water absorption capacity. The dead seedlings should be supplemented.

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In addition to strengthening the disinfection of soil and seeds, 0.5% fes0 should be used every 3-5 days to spray away the seedlings once(12 cell propagation trays wholesale). After the disease, the susceptible seedlings and soil shall be removed to prevent the disease from spreading. Therefore, in the high altitude mountainous area, frost shed should be built in late December to protect seedlings(6.35cm square grow pots). The redundant seedlings were divided into 1-2 intervals.(cheapest 8 inch plastic plant pots wholesale netherlands)

According to the root canal, spraying 0.5% - 1% Bordeaux solution once a week can prevent backwardness(18 cell propagation trays wholesale): once the disease occurs, use a bottle of medicinal Penicillium powder (800000 units), dilute it evenly with clear water l50g, spray the disease seedlings, and do not wash the seedlings after spraying, so the control effect is significant(23cm plastic grow pots). The underground and leaf eating pests were controlled by conventional methods.

(cheapest 8 inch plastic plant pots wholesale netherlands)If the height of seedlings reaches 10-12cm, it will take 17-20 weeks for Pinus massoniana in Guangdong(36 cell propagation trays wholesale), 8-9 weeks for Pinus tabulaeformis seedlings, and 17-18 weeks for Pinus tabulaeformis seedlings in Shanxi Province. In addition, the application of this technology in container seedling of Pinus elliottii and Pinus koraiensis is also obvious(16.5cm plastic grow pots). The emergence period of container seedling varies with species and climate.

The container seedlings in the United States have a period of 7-24 weeks, mostly 10-16 weeks(40 cell propagation trays wholesale). Similar to the above situation, some of them have one growth cycle in Japan and 12-16 weeks in Canada. About half a month before leaving the nursery, gradually reduce the amount of water spraying, try to reduce the weight of the container(20cm plastic grow pots), it is easy to produce grey mould, and ensure that the nutrient soil is not loose during transportation.

For example, after the container seedling of Pinus massoniana was treated with radicle removal(50 cell seedling trays wholesale), the development of lateral root and fibrous root and the growth of ground diameter were obviously promoted, stop water spraying in the first six days, and the quality of seedling was improved(16cm plastic grow pots). It is an important technique to restrain the growth of main root and increase the number of lateral root in container seedling.(cheapest 8 inch plastic plant pots wholesale netherlands)

Although Pinus bungeana(51 cell propagation trays wholesale), Pinus massoniana and loblolly pine are cold, when frost occurs for three days in a row, the needles turn purple from top to bottom, a small number of apical buds become purple by frost, and gradually wither after sunshine(19cm plastic grow pots). According to the experiments in Hebei and Tianlu, the treatment of removing the radicle was also used in the container seedling of Platycladus orientalis and Ginkgo biloba.

(cheapest 8 inch plastic plant pots wholesale netherlands)In recent years, the treatment of removing radicle from seeds to increase the number of lateral roots has achieved remarkable results(104 cell propagation trays wholesale). The water absorption can be up to hundreds of times of its own weight or up to dry times. According to the research of Shanxi forestry institute(15cm plastic grow pots). A certain amount of water absorbent can not only reduce the number of water spray in the process of seedling, but also improve the early resistance of seedlings.

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