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Cheapest Fabric Grow Bags Wholesale Price UAE

Wax short sunshine mainly uses shading treatment(plastic plant trays wholesale), a small amount of flowers can be made into different shapes of black plastic cloth or other black objects to mask the flowers that need fast light.  Now the direction of the balcony and the relationship between the flower as follows. The balcony facing east can only receive sunlight for 3-4 hours in the morning, and can not see sunshine in the afternoon(deep cell plug trays). At present, lighting is mainly used.

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In the warm season suitable for the growth of flowers, the balcony facing north seldom sees sunlight(greenhouse supplies pots). According to the needs of plants, the speed of light is a certain time every day, which can not be interrupted. In order to make chrysanthemum and poinsettia bloom on national day, it is necessary to start shading in the first ten days of August(large plastic planters uk). The daily sunshine hours are 8-10 hours, and the flowers can bloom after 45-60 days of continuous treatment.(cheapest fabric grow bags wholesale price uae)

The intensity and time of light adding can be different according to different kinds of flowers(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Water is an important part of plants, and 75% ~ 90% of fresh weight of living flowers is water. Some small sun loving flowers, such as potted roses, vegetables, plum blossom, Petunia, etc., can be placed in front of tall flowers(plant pot suppliers). Early growing flowers have strong drought tolerance and can endure long-term air or soil drying and continue to live. It is an ideal place to grow flowers.

(cheapest fabric grow bags wholesale price uae)Due to the different structure and orientation of balcony, the degree of receiving light is also different(50 cell trays bulk). Four into the balcony is only suitable for raising a number of medium eye flowers and shade resistant flowers, such as Clivia, orchid, asparagus, camellia, Hydrangea and so on(7 gallon pots distributor). The protruding balcony is more conducive to the cultivation of flowers, but due to different directions, the degree of acceptance of Guangmeng is also different.

Four into the balcony only one side to receive light, less light, coupled with poor ventilation, not as good as protruding balcony suitable for flowers(98 cell trays bulk). It is suitable for cultivating flowers with short sunshine and shade tolerance, such as Clivia, Eupatorium, camellia, crab claw orchid, aloe, and asparagus. At present, the balcony of residential buildings in residential areas in China basically has two types: protruding and concave(wholesale plastic garden pots). The balcony facing the South can receive sufficient sunshine all day long.

For example, when cultivating long-term Tangying bacteria in winter, while meeting the growth temperature, it is necessary to increase the light to continuously bloom(105 cell trays bulk). According to the different water requirements of flowers, flowers are usually divided into the following four categories(14 gallon pots distributor). Some shade loving flowers can be placed under or behind these light loving plants, such as Phyllostachys pubescens, Phyllostachys pubescens, Camellia japonica, Hydrangea and ferns.(cheapest fabric grow bags wholesale price uae)

Only in the afternoon of summer can the sun shine, which is not suitable for the cultivation of flower watching plants(162 cell trays bulk). However, some shade loving foliage plants, such as bamboos, brown bamboos, orchids, and bamboos, can be cultivated well if ventilation, foliage spraying and drinking water on the ground can be done well(plastic plant pots wholesale). In winter, facing the west balcony can also accept sufficient sunshine, is a good place to raise potted flowers in winter.

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