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In addition, due to the short time of summer harvest and summer planting(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), and the lack of agricultural work, some corn is often late sown, and it is easy to suffer from the low temperature in the last sentence of September in the later growth period, which delays the suitable time of wheat sowing(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). For example, in order to make full use of the light and heat resources, 90% of the corn in Yantai area was Interplanted in 1979.

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The average yield of corn per mu reached 791 Jin, which is 24.8% higher than that of 634 Jin per mu before interplanting in 1975(gallon pot). The planting area accounts for about 75% of the interplanting area of wheat and corn. When maize is deficient in potassium, the potassium in the old leaves at the lower part of the plant transfers to the new tissues(5 gallon nursery pots bulk), so the symptoms of potassium deficiency first appear on the old leaves.(cheapest fabric nursery grow bags manufacturers france)

Maize was Interplanted in the wheat row 10-30 days before wheat harvest(seed starting trays). When the rainy season came, it was the peak period of maize growth, and the damage could be changed into profit. At present, the interplanting of wheat and corn is developing rapidly in the North China Plain. Summer drought usually occurs in late July, early in mid June, and late July(2 gallon nursery pots bulk). Corn yield is generally reduced by 30-50% in drought and flood years.

(cheapest fabric nursery grow bags manufacturers france)Due to the uneven distribution of rainfall and seasons, drought and waterlogging often occur(square grow pots). Generally, the southeast of Sichuan Province is the early spring rain area, the middle of Sichuan Province is the early summer rain area, and the west of Sichuan Province is the early spring summer rain area(10.5cm plastic grow pots). After corn harvest, another season of autumn corn could be planted. After autumn corn harvest, wheat could be planted in the field.

With the gradual improvement of agricultural mechanization and water and fertilizer conditions, as well as the selection and promotion of early maturity(200 cell plug trays supplier), the area of wheat and summer maize multiple cropping will gradually expand. This kind of planting mode is mainly distributed in the summer corn planting area of huangzhunshai plain(3 gallon nursery pots bulk). At present, the multiple planting summer corn accounts for about 20-25% of the total corn area in this area.

Therefore, when sowing wheat, silkworm and pea in winter, the interplanting line of corn should be reserved in advance(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). When the ground temperature in early spring is stable at 10-12 ° C, spring corn should be sown as soon as possible, so as to make corn ear and blossom in the first ten days of June and harvest in the last ten days of July(100mm plastic grow pots), so as to avoid the early and summer floods and reduce the threat of summer drought.(cheapest fabric nursery grow bags manufacturers france)

According to the above results, according to the investigation of corn Research Office of Grain Crops Research Institute of Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences(plastic plant trays wholesale), the yield increase of the first row was 41.7-45.0%, and that of the second row was significantly reduced to 17.0%. In the experiment in Pingba area, the corn Interplanted 15 days before wheat harvest was 10-14 days more mature than the corn Interplanted after wheat harvest(72 cell trays).

Therefore, increasing the multiple cropping index and realizing intensive cultivation are the main ways to improve the land utilization rate, make full use of the light and heat resources and increase the grain yield(greenhouse supplies pots). For example, the total grain output of Shandong Province in 1976 is 52% higher than that of 1966, high yield and suitable close planting maize hybrids, which is closely related to the increase of multiple cropping index by 20%(72 cell trays bulk).

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