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Cheapest Fabric Plant Pots Suppliers Peru

The main reason for the occurrence of insect pests is the long-term placement of potted flowers in unventilated places(plastic plant trays wholesale). Some stick to the flower branches, and some lie in the middle of the veins on the front or back of the leaves. There are many types of scale insects that harm flowers, and the common ones include red wax wax tortoise wax and horn wax bee. is also known as Starscream(2 gallon pots manufacturer). The small green body is the larva of the leaf roller moth.

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The larvae occur in 2 to 3 generations per year, and they start to lay eggs from May to June of the following year, and the larvae hatch between May and August(propagation tray). Control method: remove the weeds in the basin and eliminate the overwintering eggs. When it happens, use oxidized dimethoate emulsion 1000 to 1500 times (that is, add 1 kg of water to 1 to 1.5 g of dimethoate)(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), or spray the wine with 40% dicofol emulsion 2000 times.(cheapest fabric plant pots suppliers peru)

This insect is grayish brown or light yellowish brown, which is very harmful to many potted flowers in the family(plastic nursery pots wholesale). After sucking the sap, the leaves are yellow and fall off, and the branches are shriveled, causing the whole plant to die. The insect body is orange-red, with black hair and white wax on the back. It sticks to flower branches and fruit stalks like cotton, sucking sap, and the whole plant can die if it is seriously damaged(large plastic terracotta pots). The control method is the same as that of the scale insect.

If there are few pests and the damage is light, the damaged leaves can be removed and burned(gallon nursery pots). Spray 90% crystal trichlorfon 1000 to 1200 times solution (ie 1 kg of water plus 1 to 1.2 grams of human trichlorfon), or 500 to 800 times solution of 50% snails emulsion(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). This pest often harms jasmine, camellia, Milan, orchids, iron trees, palm bamboo, melon seeds, boxwood, pomegranate, calligraphy, daidai, evergreen, yucca, ivy, five-needle pine, cactus, etc.

(cheapest fabric plant pots suppliers peru)Prevention method: Cut off the damaged tree trunk, capture and destroy it(gallon plant pot). Control method: If there are few pests, use an old toothbrush soaked in soapy water to remove. For serious cases, spray wine with 800~1000 times liquid of 25% imithiophos emulsion during the larvae hatching period (that is, 1 kg of water and 1 gram imiphos emulsion)(black plastic plant pots). They also lie on the branches to absorb sap, which can cause the flowers to shrink and die in severe cases.

Or use a knife to remove insect dung and sawdust, inject 1:50 times of omethoate from the frog hole, and then seal the hole with mud. It eats the leaves very quickly(plug trays wholesale). It eats the top shoots and tender leaves first, and then the lower leaves. It can eat all the leaves of the pomegranate within 1 to 2 days, which seriously affects the ornamental and flower growth(wholesale greenhouse pots). This kind of pest is most common in summer and autumn and is easy to find in the early morning.

When eating leaves, it spit out filaments to roll up the leaves or connect the young shoots together to hide in them and harm the leaves and shoots(square grow pots). Control method: a small amount of it can be removed after discovery, and in severe cases, it can be sprayed with drugs such as trichlorfon or omethoate. Blowing scale insects(1 gallon pots manufacturer). This insect often harms flowers such as Chinese rose, Jiangwei, Camellia, Milanese, Rongli, Pomegranate, and Chinese pine and Podocarpus.(cheapest fabric plant pots suppliers peru)

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