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Cheapest Large Plastic Plant Pots Suppliers South Korea

There are five types of commonly used plant growth regulators(105 cell trays bulk): Auxins include acetic acid, acetic acid (IBA) and acetic acid (NAA). These substances can promote cell division and elongation, promote plant roots, delay the formation of leaves, flowers, and fruits, and promote parthenocarpy(8.89cm square grow pots). For example, after 6 weeks of storage at 21℃, the bulbs of Lilium longiflorum will germinate after 66 days. 

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Gibberellin, or GA, is a natural plant hormone that can promote stem and leaf growth, break dormancy(162 cell trays bulk), promote flower bud formation, promote flowering, and prevent organ shedding. In March, before the new branches grow, leave 1/3 of the ground and cut off the rest(128 cell plug flats). growth regulators such as acetic acid, forbidden acetic acid and gibberellin can break the dormancy of flower buds and storage organs.(cheapest large plastic plant pots suppliers south korea)

Cytokinins mainly include kinetin (KT), 6-benzyl adenine (6-BA) and zeatin (ZT), etc.(20 cell trays bulk), which can promote cell division and expansion, prevent senescence, break dormancy, and promote fruit growth. Ethylene can inhibit the growth of stems, buds and roots, promote the formation of flower buds and the germination of lateral buds(11.43cm square grow pots), affect the flowering period and gender differentiation, and promote early fruit ripening.

(cheapest large plastic plant pots suppliers south korea)Growth inhibitors include Bijou (B9), Chlormequat (CCC), Chlorine (MH), etc.(200 cell trays bulk), which can inhibit cell division and inhibit the growth of plants and branches. Using gibberellin to accelerate the vegetative growth or reproductive growth of flowers, speed up the growth of flowers(rooting tray). Short-day treatment, that is, black cloth, black paper or straw curtains are used to shading short-day flowers, which can promote early flowering.

The specific method is as follows(112 cell trays bulk): put the plants with flower buds as long as 6~8 cm in dark room during the day under shading conditions, and use 100~150 watt electric lamp to supplement the light from 7 o'clock in the night to 6 o'clock in the next morning, after 4~5 days treatment Later, in the long-day season(v15 nursery pots), the flowering time of county flowers can be adjusted, and the flowering time can be prolonged during the day.(cheapest large plastic plant pots suppliers south korea)

If treated with gibberellin at a concentration of 2500 mg/L(50 cell seed starter trays), they will germinate in 37 days under the same conditions, and make the flowering period come earlier. The use of growth regulators such as Liniac acid, tea acetic acid, gibberellin can induce flower bud differentiation and promote flowering. Gibberellin, cytokinin, auxin, etc(nursery tray). can prolong the flowering period and prevent shedding of chrysanthemum, poinsettia, snapdragon, etc.

(cheapest large plastic plant pots suppliers south korea)When the tulip grows to 5~10 cm(288 cell trays bulk), the center of the cylindrical leaf cluster is dripped with 200 mg/l gibberellin and 5 mg/l 6-benzyl adenine to make it bloom early. Growth inhibitors such as triiodobenzoic acid and chlormequat can inhibit flower blooming or delay flower blooming(germination tray price). If the chrysanthemum is treated with 100~500 mg/L of tea acetic acid and 5 mg/L of 2,4-D, its flowering can be significantly delayed.

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