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Cheapest Plastic 5 Gallon Plant Container Suppliers China

The tree body management of the cutting mother tree includes tree body shaping and pruning, stubble leveling, sprouting and rejuvenation, a peach picking and continuous cutting for 5 years(greenhouse supplies pots). With the decrease of soil fertility and the increase of root age, the phenomenon of decline in growth and the aggravation of diseases and insect pests appears, thus affecting the yield and quality of the cutting(3.5inch square nursery pots). Therefore, forest seed division must be carried out.

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The other is to divide the seed areas into different species, that is, each species is divided into seed areas in the whole country or a region(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). For each species, the basic unit of seed division is seed area. It can also be divided into seed areas for a large area with wide distribution, basically consistent growth and stability of trees(4.5inch square nursery pots). Under the long-term effect of different environmental conditions, the same tree species can form genetically different ecotypes.

(cheapest plastic 5 gallon plant container suppliers china)The ecotypes of trees can be divided into climate ecotypes and soil filling ecotypes(gallon pot). Because of the low temperature, the death rate will be large, the trunk will be bent, and the growth will be abnormal. Under the natural conditions of our country, the range of seed transfer from north to South and from west to East is larger than the opposite direction(51 cell propagation trays wholesale). According to the growth characteristics of different tree species, the cultivated tree types are also different.

The spacing of the same clone should be more than 3m, or more than 20m. Only under the suitable climate and soil filling conditions can trees grow normally(seed starting trays). If the seeds are transferred to the area which is too different from the original climate and soil conditions, afforestation will fail(104 cell propagation trays wholesale). Under the long-term influence of different environmental conditions, the same tree species has formed the characteristics of adapting to their own climate and soil conditions.

Growing in the cold area, the stand bears late, the yield and quality of seeds are opposite to the above, but the life span is longer(square grow pots). There are two ways of forest seed division, broad species is not divided into tree species, unified division, that is to divide the seed area of each tree species in the whole country or a region(128 cell plug trays supplier). For example, the same tree species, growing in warm areas, its stand growth speed, early bearing, high seed yield, good quality.(cheapest plastic 5 gallon plant container suppliers china)

The differences in the ecological characteristics of trees are directly related to their geographical location, such as the horizontal distribution (latitude), vertical distribution altitude, etc(flat plastic tray). Therefore, it is difficult to separate the ecological type from the geographical type. The pine seeds grown in the warm areas are used to raise seedlings in the cold areas for afforestation. The trees are very sensitive to the severe cold(40 cell plug tray wholesale). The trees The consequence of low material use value.

(cheapest plastic 5 gallon plant container suppliers china)Only after a certain period of time can it reach the mature form, such as pine, cypress, Sophora and other tree species(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). There are also a few tree species, such as Ginkgo biloba, Fraxinus mandshurica, ash, Taxus, Holly and other tree species. Although they have shown mature characteristics in morphology(2.5inch square nursery pots), the embryo is not fully developed, and only after harvest, it is subject to stratification treatment (see seed buds for details).

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