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Cheapest Plastic Bonsai Pots Manufacturers Taiwan

After each seedling, 5 ~ 10% rotted urine fertilizer (that is, a load of water plus 1 ~ 2 floats) or 0.5 ~ 1% ammonium sulfate should be applied to promote the normal growth of seedlings(105 cell propagation trays wholesale). The best time for the seedlings is from noon to 3 pm in Jingtian(6 inch plastic nursery pots). In addition to sandy land, saline-alkali land, and poor water conservancy plots are suitable for flat cultivation, in recent years, high ridge direct seeding has been used in various regions.

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Turn the soil deeply, apply plantar fertilizer, according to the row spacing of Chinese cabbage, make small ridges with a height of 10-12 cm and a length of 8-10 meters, and then irrigate once to reduce the ground temperature and ensure emergence(128 cell propagation trays wholesale). Cover the film when the seedlings are fully grown and grow to 4 to 5 true leaves. Make holes in the membrane to pull out the seedlings(cheap nursery pots). Put the plastic film tightly on the surface of the wow.

(cheapest plastic bonsai pots manufacturers taiwan)First make the wow cover film, after doing high wow, after the irrigation is cooled, the mulch film is tightly covered on the wow surface(162 cell propagation trays wholesale). Seedlings with uneven emergence, abnormal cotyledon shape, weak growth and crowding should be removed. In order to ensure emergence, water should be irrigated once after sowing, which can reduce the ground temperature and ensure emergence(greenhouse pots). It is a widely used method at present.

The advantages of high ridges are: thick soil layer, good for drainage, no root, can reduce disease, running water does not silt cabbage leaves, especially for seedling growth(200 cell propagation trays wholesale). Generally squat seedlings in the rosette stage. However, squatting seedlings should be flexibly controlled according to the weather, soil water content and the appearance of Chinese cabbage(plastic plant pots canada). The squatting period should be shortened in the early years.(cheapest plastic bonsai pots manufacturers taiwan)

Generally, water should be poured every 4 to 5 days(112 cell propagation trays wholesale). The method of live broadcast, which does not slow seedlings, does not hurt roots, grows fast, and grows seedlings, also greatly reduces the chance of soft rot pathogens invading(10cm plastic grow pots). The north and south ridges are planted on the east slope of the ridge, and the east and west ridges are planted on the north slope of the ridge, so as to reduce the damage of the seedlings to high temperature in the afternoon.

(cheapest plastic bonsai pots manufacturers taiwan)At this time, the temperature is high, the sunshine is strong, and the normal seedlings only show a slight wilting state; while the seedlings infected with the virus and downy mildew often have thick leaves and the wilting phenomenon is not obvious(288 cell propagation trays wholesale). Then pierce holes and sow. It should be noted that the sowing hole should be opened 10 cm square, and the cut corner of the mulch film should be turned under the membrane to avoid local overheating around the seeds(10.5cm plastic grow pots). 

With the cultivation of soil, the position of cabbage is gradually in the middle of the ridge(20 cell propagation trays wholesale). Another way is to transplant seedlings. This method can improve the land utilization rate and make the stubble arrangement compact, but the seedlings are easy to be damaged and susceptible to diseases and insect pests, and disease prevention and control must be strengthened in time(100mm plastic grow pots). The height of the ridge is generally 10 ~ 15 cm, and the width is 20 ~ 25 cm.

The squatting period can be appropriately longer in the waterlogged years(24 cell propagation trays wholesale). The sandy land or other water-prone plots should not be squatted. Squatting seedlings is not not watering, but does not make the soil too much water. The knotting period is the period that requires the most water, and water supply must be sufficient(11cm plastic grow pots). In addition, the ridge should be flat. Over-regulated seedlings may be The root system is stunted or has been damaged by insects.(cheapest plastic bonsai pots manufacturers taiwan)

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