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The viable seeds account for the total number of seeds for inspection(105 cell plant trays bulk). The commonly used methods are tetrazole staining and spin blue staining. It is stipulated that about 1/3 of the types of seeds need to be determined by variable temperature germination. Another part penetrates the object to make the photosensitive material image-sensitive(14cm plastic grow pots). The extrusion method is suitable for small or extra small seeds.

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From the pure seeds obtained from the purity determination, 8 100 seeds were randomly selected, a total of 800 seeds were weighed separately, and the average weight of each first seed was calculated(128 cell plant trays bulk). According to the relevant accuracy requirements, 1000 seeds were calculated(288 cell tray). If the pure seeds are less than 1000 seeds, all of them can be weighed, and then the weight of 1000 seeds can be calculated.(cheapest plastic flower pots manufacturers philippines)

The aqueous solution of tetrazole is a colorless solution, but after contact with the living tissue of the seed for a period of time(162 cell plug trays supplier), the tetrazole is reduced by dehydrogenase to form a stable red substance insoluble in water, and the seed tissue needs to be dyed red, and the seed is necrotic Parts do not show this color(15cm plastic grow pots). It is worth noting that the tetrazole method stains living tissue, while the blue method stains dead tissue.

(cheapest plastic flower pots manufacturers philippines)Peel the seed intact and put it in the prepared comb blue solution for dyeing for 2 to 4 hours(200 cell plant trays bulk). According to the dyeing position and proportion of the seed embryo to judge the viability of the seed, spin blue is a supervised color powder, which can The embryonic cells are stained through dead tissue. Seed vigor refers to the potential germination ability of seeds(50 cell plug flats). Must have certain ventilation conditions.

Goodness is an index that explains the quality of seeds(32 cell plant trays bulk). According to the appearance and internal condition of seeds. It is suitable for on-site rapid determination of seed harvesting and storage, and as a supplement to germination determination(72 plug tray). It is also suitable for seeds that are difficult to germinate and cannot be determined by dyeing methods and have not yet developed effective measurement methods.

But because of subjective differences in judgment, its accuracy is lower than germination determination and vitality(50 cell plant trays bulk). But it cannot penetrate the protoplasts of living cells, so it cannot stain living cells. Put the seed with the seed coat removed into the prepared tetrazole aqueous solution for dyeing for 6-24 hours(elfin thyme plug tray), and identify the seed vitality according to the coloring position and proportion of the seed.(cheapest plastic flower pots manufacturers philippines)

Commonly used sensory test method, anatomical method (incision method), extrusion method or soft X-ray photography method to determine seed goodness(50 cell seed trays wholesale). Use vision, touch and taste to judge the quality of seeds. Mainly according to the seed coat color, Qiangze, odor; taste and elasticity to identify the advantages and disadvantages of seeds(nursery tray price). When rays penetrate an object, part of the light retention surface is absorbed.

(cheapest plastic flower pots manufacturers philippines)It is to squeeze the seeds between two glass plates (the extra small seeds containing oil can be rolled between two papers) to observe the color of the extruded kernel, And then make a judgment(seed planting trays wholesale). The thickness, thickness and density of the objects are different, and the absorption of radiation is not the same, so different images are formed, and the seed quality is judged from the images, judge the quality of seeds(v12 nursery pots).

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