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If the temperature is too high, the seeds will be in the environment of high temperature and high grip, which is easy to mildew(2.5 inch square plastic pots). Under the condition of this paper warm stratification treatment, which can stimulate growth, and the toxin can offset the inhibition of abscisic acid, thus promoting seed germination and increasing the energy of seedling growth(4 inch plastic pots bulk), so the germination rate is high and the seedling growth is good.

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Variable temperature stratification and variable temperature stratification is a method of stratification and germination by alternating high temperature and low temperature(gallon pot). Lay a plastic cloth or mat at the bottom of the ditch, and put 10 meters of snow on it. Then put the mixture of snow seeds into the ditch, it can also promote the production of gibberellin(5 gallon plastic nursery pots). Generally, high temperature time is short and low temperature time is long.(cheapest plastic flower pots manufacturers uk)

For example, the seeds of Pinus koraiensis, koji ladder, hawthorn and Cupressus are not effective only in low temperature stratification, but also in variable temperature stratification(seed starting trays). For example, for the seeds of erectus, Morus and combs, low temperature stratification is effective, but variable temperature stratification is better(bulk buy plastic plant pots). The seed germination of Pinus koraiensis had to be buried underground for 1.5 years before, but the effect was not good.

That is, first high temperature and then low temperature, and then high temperature for a short time if necessary(seed starting trays wholesale). It only takes 6-7 months to accelerate the germination with the variable temperature stratification. There are two kinds of methods: outdoor and indoor. When the snow does not melt, collect the snow and mix it with 3 times the seed volume(4.33inch plastic nursery pots). The effect of low temperature on germination is more significant, and add 20 stars of snow on it.

(cheapest plastic flower pots manufacturers uk)The germination rate in the field is high, the seedlings are unearthed neatly, the emergence period is short, and the resistance of the seedlings is strong(heavy duty gallon pot). High temperature (15 ℃ ~ 25 ℃) and then low temperature (0 ℃ ~ 5 ℃) were used for the temperature of variable temperature stratification(one gallon pot). However, the high and low temperature periods of some species are almost the same, such as Fraxinus mandshurica, which are three months old.

Now the outdoor method is introduced as follows(heavy duty plant pots): firstly, the seeds of Korean pine are treated with high temperature (15 ℃ - 25 ℃) for 2-3 months, and then treated with low temperature (2 ℃ - 5 ℃) for 3-4 months. As long as the temperature, days, seed humidity and ventilation conditions of high and low temperature are properly controlled(2 gallon pots wholesale), the effect of the above-mentioned variable temperature stratification is very good.(cheapest plastic flower pots manufacturers uk)

In order to create suitable high temperature conditions for seeds, it is advisable to start germination in August to September one year before sowing in Northeast China(cheap 1 gallon plant pots). Before the soil is frozen by the method of mixed snow and germination, the ditch (PIT) shall be dug in the shade with high terrain and good drainage, and the depth shall be within the frozen layer of the soil, generally 50-70 cm in depth and width(4.72inch plastic nursery pots). One strand is more labor-saving outside.

The specific date varies with the local temperature(cheap 2 gallon plant pots). The site selected for outdoor temperature changing stratification and sprouting should be located in a place with high dry terrain, low groundwater level, good drainage and leeward wind. Because of the low temperature and deep frozen soil layer in Northeast China(plastic bonsai pots wholesale), the depth of the ditch should be deeper (for example, 1.3-1.5m for the Forestry Department of Fushun Mining Bureau).

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