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In the west corner of Zhongxiu Mountain at the back of Nantong City, there are "Songshou", two ancient trees, one is Liluobai, the other is Podocarpus pine, the trunk is pale and simple, and the branches are scattered(1.5 gallon plant pot). According to legend, they are traces of bonsai trees in the Yuan Dynasty(sowing tray). Nantong and Yangzhou are both in northern Jiangsu, not far apart. Tongpai and Yangpai were originally two branches of the same genre.

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Both were cut and tied with palm silk(plastic seedling trays). The trunk was tied into a curved shape and the branches and leaves were tied into pieces. State, and pay attention to childhood cultivation. has been fully developed due to their respective characteristics, and formed two schools(plastic plant pots canada). The leaf-shaped branches are called "stems." The stems are spread on both sides, the layers are distinct, and the knotted piece is tied into a semicircle.(cheapest plastic growers pots suppliers honduras)

In Nantong People’s Park, there are still many Podocarpus bonsai trees over four to five hundred years old, all of which are the traditional "two bends and a half" shape of Tongpai(nursery pots canada). Tongpai's works are used for symmetrical furnishings or group furnishings, and are mostly large and medium-sized, and their styles are distinguished by their solemn and majestic styles(plastic flower pots manufacturers). The shape is dominated by regular "two bends and a half".

(cheapest plastic growers pots suppliers honduras)The so-called two-and-a-half bend is to tie the main trunk from the base into two bends with brown silk(succulent plug trays), to form an S shape, and then tie half a bend to make the top, and make the lower part of the main trunk backward and the upper part forward, and then choose the alternate side branches to tie(greenhouse pots). The tree shape of Tongpai mainly adopts brown silk cutting and tie. Tongpai's bonsai furnishings are different from other schools.

The requirements for the timber used for two and a half bends and halves are higher, and you must choose a sapling with a thicker trunk and even side branches(plastic succulent pots). Tongpai has three taboos in the shape of trees: one is to avoid the pole, that is, to stretch the opposite branches to both sides at the same point on the main trunk, just like picking a pole(plant germination trays). It can be seen that the style of Tongpai had taken shape at that time.(cheapest plastic growers pots suppliers honduras)

The cutting and tie brown methods mainly include head brown(plastic plant pots wholesale), lying brown, holding brown, holding brown, returning brown, floating brown, close brown, hanging brown, over brown, flat brown, side brown , With brown, buckle brown, hook brown, etc. (names vary)(cheap nursery pots). Because its mentality is like a lion, that is, it is also called "lion style" (of course this refers to the similarity of the gods, not the similarity of the form).

(cheapest plastic growers pots suppliers honduras)The trees of the general school are generally in pairs or groups of two pots, or a group of three, five, seven, or nine pots (also called a hall)(plug flats wholesale). The second avoidance is to keep side branches in front of the main trunk, which will cover the main trunk and affect its overall momentum(23cm plastic grow pots). Three avoid back-tail stems, that is, dragging longer side branches on the back of the main stem, shaped like a tail, often destroy the entire tree shape.

The two-and-a-half form is very scientific(large plastic planters uk). It not only makes the center of gravity of the whole tree stable and majestic, but also allows the side branches to stretch to the left and right with the main trunk bending, and the branches have front and back, ventilating the tree, and accept rain and dew. Both are very beneficial and can promote the growth of trees(6 inch plastic nursery pots). When displaying in pairs, pay attention to the symmetry of the two basins.(cheapest plastic growers pots suppliers honduras)

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