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Cheapest Plastic Growing Trays Manufacturers Mexico

The temperature condition in tissue culture is one of the indispensable factors, and it has a significant effect on cell division and proliferation of morbid tissue(128 cell trays). Low temperature tends to stop the growth of explants, and high temperature is also harmful to growth. Use the cultivated axillary buds and seedlings to propagate a large number of buds and seedlings without going through the method of callus redifferentiation(9cm plastic grow pots). The specific method is as follows.

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Small bulbs or plants cultivated from bulb flakes or cut sections of bulbs, dormant after moving to the soil(seedling trays). Temperature treatment is particularly important for some plants that require seasonal temperature differences, especially plant stems or bulbous plants(50 cell seed trays wholesale). In the tissue culture of Tangyingman, it was found that small bulbs or plantlets could not grow normally after being moved to soil, unless they were maintained at 2℃ for 4 to 6 weeks before being moved to soil.(cheapest plastic growing trays manufacturers mexico)

The effect of light quality on tissue culture, according to Wis and Jfe (1969) experiments, in the tobacco golden wound tissue differentiation seedlings(v14 nursery pots), the active spectrum is mainly the blue region, in the dark of the continuum, the culture only stays at the differentiation of buds Without becoming a seedling. Generally speaking, red light and far red light do not promote differentiation, but the formation of roots is just the opposite(seed planting trays wholesale). Cytokinin in the culture medium is indispensable.

(cheapest plastic growing trays manufacturers mexico)But if it is placed in a black sock at 5℃ for 4 weeks before moving to the soil, it can avoid dormancy and grow normally(plug plant trays). Generally divided into 3 stages. The first stage is the initial cultivation, that is, the differentiation of induced buds, which is the basis of the entire cultivation process(90mm plastic grow pots). At this stage, one or more buds may be formed, or callus redifferentiated buds may form. he stem base can also be treated with growth regulator before insertion.

Cultivation temperature and light vary depending on the tree species, generally cultivated at 20 ~ 28 ℃, light time is 12 ~ 16h(farm tray). The second stage is the proliferation of buds, that is, the subculture stage. M5 medium is mostly used in the initial culture. The cytokinin has the best effect with BA, and the auxin has more applications with 2.4-D and NAA(18 cell plug trays supplier). Therefore, it is still necessary to prevent dust from falling into the bottle during operation.(cheapest plastic growing trays manufacturers mexico)

BA has the best effect on the proliferation of buds(288 plug tray). NAA is mostly used for auxin Or AA, the concentration should be appropriate, otherwise it will produce inhibitory effect. When attaching the dropper to the rubber tip, the position of holding the dropper is too low(20 cell plug trays supplier). Later, when the dropper is inserted into the culture bottle or container, it will also contaminate the neck of the bottle or container. When opening the bottle or test tube, it should be taken at an oblique angle.

(cheapest plastic growing trays manufacturers mexico)In the rooting process, there is often no vascular tissue connection between the roots and stems from callus, which makes it difficult to survive after transplantation(soil block trays). Use the method of transplanting seedlings and rooting in the greenhouse, that is, insert the seedlings into sand, peat soil or jishi in the greenhouse(40 cell plug trays supplier). The indoor temperature should be maintained at 30~35℃, and the humidity should be maintained at 80% Above, a good rooting effect can be obtained.

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