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Cheapest Plastic Growing Trays Suppliers Colombia

There are two ways to regulate the flowering period of Rhododendron belgii(black plastic nursery pots wholesale). If conditions permit, an environmental control room can be established to create cool conditions. It should be noted that a bunch of red usually takes about 25 days from picking the heart to flowering. Even if the sunshine is less than 12 hours and 20 minutes, the plant will continue to grow vegetatively, and live a night life(succulent planter tray), and carry out a ventilation.

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When the flower bud of the county flower expands to 6-10 cm, the county flower will be sent into the dark room from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the daytime(5 gallon plastic pots wholesale). Turn on the light from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. to make the darkroom light as daytime. Pay attention that the temperature should not be too high or too low, and do not water the basin soil(plant plastic trays). The bulb of Narcissus tazetta was injected with gibberellin solution, 50 mg per bulb.

(cheapest plastic growing trays suppliers colombia)Plant growth regulators were used. Use 0.15% B9 solution twice a week or 0.25% B9 solution once a week(plastic growers pots suppliers). If chlormequat is used, use 0.3% solution twice a week. If the basin soil is too dry, you can spray some water to the basin soil with a fine eye watering pot, so that the basin soil is slightly moist(hydroponic farming tray). At this time, the red bulb stem of the red flower crown is forced to dormant and undergo flower bud differentiation.

In order to let the family raised amaranth blossom during the Cold Spring Festival(tray cell), the following maintenance and management measures can be taken: the potted red amaranth in the growing period, stop water and fertilizer 80-90 days before the Spring Festival, when the leaves are slightly wilting(128 plug tray), cut off the leaves completely, and then put the pot in a dry and cool place indoors, and keep the room temperature at about 13 ℃.(cheapest plastic growing trays suppliers colombia)

In order to make a bunch of red flowers in the Spring Festival, sowing in late September, the same should be done in cold places(nursery pot suppliers). Short day conditions are required for Poinsettia from flower bud differentiation to full development, that is, under the appropriate temperature conditions, the daily sunshine must be less than 12 hours and 20 minutes(orchid plug trays). In addition, moderate pinching and pruning of Poinsettia from June to August can also make it bloom earlier.

(cheapest plastic growing trays suppliers colombia)Under natural light conditions, the time from the critical day to the time required to grow into marketable flowers is called short day induction time(1 gallon plastic plant pots). Supplementary lighting delay or shading can be used to promote flower flowering. Through the control of temperature. Night temperature has a great influence on flower bud differentiation of Euphorbia pulcherrima(v11 nursery pots). The night temperature above 24 ℃ can completely inhibit the flower bud differentiation.

Through plant growth regulator control: under short day condition, with 40 mg / kg gibberellin treatment, once a week, can delay flowering(growers pots wholesale). Spraying the leaves with 6 mg / kg 2,4,5-trichlorophenoxypropionic acid can prolong the flowering period. After 7-10 days of transplanting, the seedlings can be transplanted to flowerpots in about 2 weeks, and can be planted in pots after 25 days. Mainly through three ways(hole tray). By light treatment.(cheapest plastic growing trays suppliers colombia)

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