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Cheapest Plastic Nursery Cup Manufacturers China

However, it should be noted that generally do not apply fertilizer during the "serving pot" period, and wait until the growth starts to resume before applying fertilizer(40 cell plug tray wholesale). Repotting and replacing soil should be timely. It is not advisable for people to repot for soil replacement in winter, especially for potted flowers placed outdoors(11cm plastic grow pots). When the pot soil is slightly dry, place the flower pot diagonally and tap around the pot with your hands to separate the soil from the pot. 

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Therefore, new roots have begun to emerge and need to supplement fertility to promote better growth(2.5inch square nursery pots). After a period of growth of potted flowers, the plants gradually grow up, and the original flower pots are too small, which restricts the continued growth of the root system; at the same time, the fertility of the pot soil is gradually exhausted, so it needs to be repotted and replaced(110mm plastic grow pots). Rebasing time. If you use a wooden stick or iron mud without your fingers, try not to break the mud.

(cheapest plastic nursery cup manufacturers china)Large woody potted flowers, such as five-needle pine, camellia, azalea, etc.(3.5inch square nursery pots), are often repotted every 2 to 3 years or even longer. Most flowers can be carried out in spring and autumn. At this time, some have ended dormancy and will enter the germination period, and some will start to grow again. Flowers grow tender roots and new leaves at the same time(3.5 inch square plastic pots). When tender roots are not growing or when tender roots are growing, it is the best repotting period.

Such as the common Milan, Riley, rose, pomegranate, etc., their branches and leaves grow(4.5inch square nursery pots). At this time, properly cutting off the poorly growing fibrous roots and removing the excessive root system can promote the budding of young roots and accelerate the growth of plants, so it is safer(72 cell trays). After repotting and soil replacement, the root system is separated from the mother soil. If it encounters heavy frost or freezing weather for several days, there is a danger of being frozen.

Another way is to tap the edge of the basin with the lower part of your right fist a few times to separate the basin from the soil(4.5inch deep square pots). Then hold the flowerpot with one hand, and extend the thumb or ring finger of the other hand through the hole at the bottom of the flowerpot to push out the mud(plastic seed trays). Especially when some evergreen flowers with underdeveloped root systems are repotted and replaced with soil, once the mud mass is loose, it will affect survival.(cheapest plastic nursery cup manufacturers china)

But if the small pots are replaced with larger pots, or if the flower roots are not crushed, the pots can be replaced at other times except in the severe cold season(seedling trays wholesale). Method of repotting for soil. After the mud mass comes out, remove part of the topsoil and dead roots with your hands or bamboo sticks, or properly trim some of the long roots(72 cell trays bulk), and then plant them in a flowerpot that is slightly larger than the original one. is more certain for beginners to grow flowers.

(cheapest plastic nursery cup manufacturers china)The correct method of potting can be divided into the following steps(seed starting trays supplier): The first step is to cover the hole at the bottom of the flowerpot (that is, the drainage hole) with a broken pot piece (tiles can also be used) to cover half of the hole, and then use The other broken pot piece is obliquely placed on the top of the previous one, covering the other half of the hole(plastic garden pots wholesale), forming a "human" shape, so that the hole at the bottom of the basin forms a state of "covering without blocking, blocking without death".

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