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It covers the ear and plays a protective role. Generally, the number of bracts is equal to the number of internodes of spike stalk(viagrow plastic nursery pots). Some varieties still have small leaves on the bracts, which are called swords. They play a certain role in photosynthesis and insect control, but have an impact on pollination(seed starting trays wholesale). In the axils of bracts, some varieties can form axillary buds as well as the ventral part of the main stem.

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Due to the shorter sunshine, the plants become shorter and the number of leaves decreases(plastic flower pots canada). For example, there are 18 leaves in the average of British corn varieties planted in Beijing, and only 15.7 leaves are planted in Yuanjiang, Yunnan. The effect of temperature on the growth of leaves is another important factor affecting the number of leaves, the growth rate and the size of leaves(heavy duty gallon pot). The rachis is thick, white or red.

(cheapest plastic nursery tray manufacturers uk)The speed of leaf emergence is mainly affected by the ground temperature, and when the stem extends above the ground, it is mainly affected by the temperature(v10 nursery pots). Due to the increase of sunshine hours, the South species move to the north, the male ear differentiation is later and the plants are larger(heavy duty plant pots). The varieties with more rows have the characteristics of high yield. The length of bracts varies with varieties. 

Generally, with the increase of temperature in seedling stage(plastic nursery trade pots), the speed of cell division is accelerated, the interval of leaf primordium formation is shortened, the speed of leaf birth is accelerated, and the number of leaves is increased. But when the temperature is over 32 ℃, the growth rate of leaves slows down(72 cell trays). The influence of water on the growth of corn stalk water has indirect and direct effects on the growth of corn stalk.(cheapest plastic nursery tray manufacturers uk)

Generally, the most suitable temperature for root growth is slightly lower than the upper part of the ground(3 gallon tree pots), that is, the ground temperature should be 20-24 ℃, when the ground temperature is reduced to 4.5 ℃, the root growth stops; when the ground temperature is over 35 ℃, the root growth and absorption speed will also be reduced(cheap 1 gallon plant pots). The position of fruitwort on the stem varies with the variety and cultivation conditions.

(cheapest plastic nursery tray manufacturers uk)The growth point of maize seedling stage is on the surface of soil(hydroponic farming tray). Topdressing and watering at jointing stage can promote the growth of aboveground nodal roots. The number of layers and lines of roots can be increased by 3-4 times. The progenitor degree and weight of each root are also significantly increased(72 cell trays bulk). When the conditions are favorable, the axillary buds can form the second ear and make the dyed ear branch.

The ear height of late maturing varieties should be 80-90cm, which is convenient for mechanized harvest(20 inch plastic plant pots), too high is easy to fall, too low is easy to cause mildew and animal damage. The rachis of the ear is formed by the terminal buds of the lateral branches. The thickness of rachis varies with varieties, and the thinner one is better(4.33inch plastic plant pots). Generally, its weight accounts for about 15-25% of the total weight of the ear.

In addition, some seeds are in pairs(2x2 grow tray), two caryopsis have plumose and juxtaposed embryos, and there are juvenile contracture bacteria when cutting hair; some in the same spikelet, two florets jointly develop into two seeds, which are contained in the same pericarp. There are 8-30 rows in the ear, and 12-20 rows in the general varieties(4.72inch plastic plant pots). The number of grain rows varies with varieties, but also with cultivation conditions.(cheapest plastic nursery tray manufacturers uk)

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