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Anthracnose is the main disease of capsicum, which occurs on the old leaves and mature fruits(grass plug trays). After the leaves were damaged, the discolored water soaked spots appeared at first, then they became brown after expanding, and the gray brown spots appeared slightly in the middle, and there were small black spots arranged in concentric circles(cheap 3 gallon plant pots). Within 10 days after entering the rosette stage, Chinese cabbage should stop watering and squat.

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One is that the previous crop has a large amount of fertilizer and fertile soil, which is conducive to the growth of Chinese cabbage(greenhouse trays plastic); the other is that the previous crop has legume vegetables, such as kidney beans, long beans, etc. because of the nitrogen fixation effect of nodule bribe, the soil is fertile, which is conducive to the growth of Chinese cabbage(4 gallon nursery pots wholesale). For well water containing more than 500 mg / L chloride, do not water cabbage. 0.7% calcium chloride and 50ppm NAA can also be used.

(cheapest plastic plant pots manufacturers colombia)Otherwise, it is easy to have heart disease(soil block propagation trays). Too much ammonia fertilizer will promote the occurrence of Chinese cabbage heart disease. Therefore, calcium and hormone should be sprayed in time at the rosette stage and at the beginning of tuberculation. The lack of calcium in Chinese cabbage can also lead to the occurrence of heart disease(half gallon nursery pots wholesale). In the long-term growth and development of potato, it has formed the characteristics of adapting to cold and cool climate conditions.

Spray it from the middle sentence of September, and then spray it to the heart leaf every 7-8 days, about 50ml each time, 3-4 times in a row(best microgreen trays). In addition, keeping the temperature at about 0 ℃ and the humidity at 90-95% during storage can also reduce the development of dry heart disease(13cm plastic grow pots). Therefore, the application amount of nitrogen fertilizer should be strictly controlled. The seed potatoes treated in this way can be used for cold bed sprouting, or dried for direct seeding.

Generally, the amount of ammonium bicarbonate applied per mu should not exceed 25 kg, and the total amount of topdressing should not exceed 100 kg, especially in dry years(lavender plug trays wholesale). After digging the pit bed, first dry the bed for 2-3 days, and lay 6-10cm of hay under the bed(cheapest 2 gallon pots). It is an important measure to accelerate germination and seed drying of potato to prevent disease and eliminate disease, to promote early emergence, emergence and increase yield.(cheapest plastic plant pots manufacturers colombia)

Reduce aphid transmission, so that after more than two months, germination is faster after sowing(succulent propagation tray). On the contrary, if the seed curtain is stored in a dark and airtight place, it will take a long time to grow young bacteria after sowing. In production practice, if spring potato is to be planted in autumn in the same year, in order to promote its early emergence and full emergence(2 gallon plant container wholesale), in addition to improving the storage method of seed potato, seed potato treatment can also be carried out before sowing.

(cheapest plastic plant pots manufacturers colombia)If the ridge is large and the upper water head is short of water, dry burning heart disease is easy to occur(plastic nursery pots suppliers). Rotation can also reduce diseases. The treatment methods are as follows: first, immerse seeds with 0.5-1% of "92o" solution for 1-5 minutes to the degree of each piece of potato; second, immerse seeds with warm water for 10-15 minutes, and keep the water temperature at about 50 ℃(14cm plastic grow pots). Therefore, after sowing, germination is slow and sprouting is late.

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