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Cheapest Plastic Plant Pots Manufacturers Netherlands

The method of applying more thin fertilizer can be adopted, and pay attention to the amount of fertilizer(black plastic plant pots). Due to different types of flowers and different growth habits, their ability to absorb fertilizers is not exactly the same, some are strong, some are weak. It is of course not mechanically absolute when controlling the amount of fertilizer(21 cell trays bulk). At the same time, you can also decide whether to apply or not with reference to the change of leaf color.

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For example, Milan, jasmine, rose, small pomegranate, etc.(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), due to the large number of flowering, the growth ability and the ability to absorb fertilizer are relatively strong, the concentration of fertilization can be slightly higher, generally 3 parts of organic fertilizer thick juice is diluted with 7 parts of water(32 cell trays bulk). The next day after fertilization, watering the root water again will make the fertilizer accumulated in the soil be absorbed by the root system evenly.

(cheapest plastic plant pots manufacturers netherlands)If the fertilizer is too thick, it will cause "fertility damage"(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Generally, use 1~2 parts of organic fertilizer concentrate with 8~9 parts of water to dilute and pour the people. At the same time, according to the growth habit of various flowers, the ability of absorbing fertilizer, the size of the plant and the condition of growth, the application should be differentiated(50 cell trays bulk), and the pot size must not be quantified mechanically.

During the growth period, it is enough to apply nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium combined with nitrogen fertilizer mainly for one to two times(large plastic terracotta pots). For large flowers or potted flowers that grow vigorously, the fertilizer concentration can be slightly higher; for poor growth, the concentration is It should be lower. If the growth is serious, fertilization should be suspended, otherwise these unhealthy flowers will be "tonic"(98 cell trays bulk), which will cause "fertility damage."

as well as tree stumps such as finch plum, elm, etc., if the leaf color appears dark green or the leaf is drooping(plastic plant trays wholesale), it means that the flower is not lacking in nutrients and no need to fertilize. In addition, it should be noted that the pot soil should be dry before fertilization, and it is best to loosen the soil beforehand(105 cell trays bulk), so that the fertilizer is easily absorbed by the roots. It is not suitable to fertilize on rainy days or when the pot soil is wet.(cheapest plastic plant pots manufacturers netherlands)

is more cute, but the amount of fat cannot be too thick(square nursery pots), too thick will cause the buds to scorch. For homemade organic fertilizers, they must be completely fermented and decomposed before they can be applied. The standard is generally that the fat juice is black(162 cell trays bulk). If the application of "raw fertilizer" that has not been fermented and decomposed, it will burn the roots of the flower and scorch the leaves, and cause death.

For camellia, azaleas and chrysanthemums that bloom only once a year, except for fertilization before and after the flowers(gallon pot), it is best not to fertilize them during the full blooming period, otherwise it will cause the flowers to be adjusted to decline prematurely. When applying chemical fertilizers, be sure to understand the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium components contained in the fertilizer(200 cell trays bulk). The interval of fertilization can be between 10~15 days.

(cheapest plastic plant pots manufacturers netherlands)However, when the buds are ready to be released(cell trays), applying extremely thin nitrogen and phosphorus combined with thin fertilizers 1 to 2 times can promote the flowers to be large and bright. Different applications should be used according to the different stages of flower growth(112 cell trays bulk). The dosage of chemical fertilizers should be based on the principle of "preferably light and not thick". Pay attention to the composition of the fertilizer.

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