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Cheapest Plastic Plant Pots Outdoor Manufacturers USA

For each pool of 150000 seedlings, the investment for each pool is 700-1000 yuan, and the sales for each pool of seedlings is 0.03 yuan(12 cell trays bulk). Excluding the cost, the total net profit for each pool of seedlings is 3750 yuan. Tissue culture seedling, that is, plant tissue culture seedling, is to use some cells, organs or tissues of living plants(3.94inch plastic plant pots), inoculated on the artificial prepared medium, and cultured into a separate plant in the artificially controlled indoor condition card. 

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The price of the whole light spray seeding seedling raising device is about 3500 yuan(18 cell trays bulk), and the establishment of seedling raising pond, hydropower facilities and labor cost are different because of different local conditions, and the cost is not the same. It generally takes about l000-2000 yuan. With the advantages of rapid propagation, good seedling quality and simultaneous detoxification(4.13inch plastic plant pots), tissue culture has the trend of gradually replacing the traditional seed market.(cheapest plastic plant pots outdoor manufacturers usa)

But there are also some problems that need to be solved urgently(36 cell trays bulk), first of all, how to reduce the production cost, and second, how to continuously develop new products with high reproduction rate and high value. If we raise three pools of seedlings every year, each pool can produce more than 450000 seedlings each year. However, there are not many kinds of plants used for commercial production(3.94inch plastic nursery pots), and few commodities can participate in the international seedling market.

(cheapest plastic plant pots outdoor manufacturers usa)As the tissue culture is carried out indoors, the environmental conditions are controlled artificially, which is not limited by the natural conditions(40 cell trays bulk). Since the instrument is driven by water pressure, the follow-up consumables consume little energy. Some enterprises and companies have invested to strengthen the research in this area, so that the technology can develop from laboratory to industrialization and internationalization(4.33inch plastic plant pots), and we can get a net profit of about 10000 yuan in that year. 

In order to promote the transfer of rapid propagation(40 cell tray in bulk), detoxification and development research to production-oriented industrialization in the field of biotechnology, and make up for the shortage of commercial production supporting technology. At the same time, tissue culture is easy to be influenced by genetic mechanism, which is convenient to induce mutants, and to effectively screen large-scale dead(plastic bonsai pots wholesale). After deducting the investment of 5000 yuan, we can get a net income of 5000 yuan.

There are more than 500 kinds of plants studied by tissue culture in China, which have a solid foundation of work(51 cell trays bulk). These advantages of tissue culture make it an important means for modern chemical plants to cultivate seedlings and good varieties. It can keep the excellent characteristics of the original species, especially for the rare and endangered trees which are difficult to reproduce(2.5 inch square plastic pots). From the second year, the income will be more considerable, so as to cultivate good varieties.(cheapest plastic plant pots outdoor manufacturers usa)

Compared with the traditional seedlings(104 cell trays bulk), the plant tissue culture seedlings have the following characteristics: using the totipotency of plant cells, taking a good mother strain as the material, carrying out special treatment, removing the virus and multiplying repeatedly, and using small space and high density to expand the propagation coefficient in a short period of time. Compared with conventional breeding, it has the advantages of rapidity and land saving(5 gallon plastic nursery pots). Once invested, it can be reused.

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