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Cheapest Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Suppliers France

As the output increases, the load on the main branches gradually increases, and the angle of the branches is too large, resulting in premature aging, such as Huang Taiping(square nursery pots). The central trunk should be higher or stronger than the main branches at all levels, and the extension branches of each main branch should be stronger than the side branches(cheapest 2 gallon pots). Maintain the proper angle of the main branch.

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The side branches should be cut at 30cm, the main branches should be extended at 40cm, and the remaining branches should be kept as far as possible without affecting the growth of the main and side branches. The supplementary branches left over from previous years have room for cutting(cheap 3 gallon plant pots). Generally, the auxiliary supporting branches are placed slowly, and can be sparse and strong to stay weak, and go upright and stay flat.

(cheapest plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers france)That is, after selecting the last main branch, the selected central dry branch will be cut for 1 year, and it will no longer be cut short(flat plastic tray). The denser will be used to sparse the branch, and the remaining branches will be slowly released (or pulled) to control upward growth. power(2 gallon plant container wholesale). Continue to choose the main branch of the second layer, if you are finished, choose the main branch of the third layer.

Therefore, a large amount of results should be used for supplementary branches(propagation tray), such as affecting the growth of the main and side branches, they must be gradually retracted or removed. Strengthen the cultivation of the fruiting branch group, and do a good job in updating and revitalizing the fruiting branch group(half gallon nursery pots wholesale). The method of multi-cutting and less-discharging should be adopted to cultivate various types of fruiting branches.(cheapest plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers france)

Maintain the vigor of the tree, reduce the number of peripheral branches, prevent the canopy from closing, and keep the inside of the canopy ventilated and transparent(seed starter trays). As the age of the tree grows, the length of the stub should be appropriately increased, and the branches should be sparse or shrunk to maintain a good growth momentum, so that the peripheral new shoots can have a growth of 30cm(cell propagation tray wholesale). 

The center trunk young tree has been shaped and trimmed for about 10 years, and the crown reaches a certain height(plug trays). In order to make the crown ventilate and transmit light, and strengthen the growth of each main branch, the center trunk should be headed down and dropped on the last main branch(gallon plant pots wholesale). Should pay attention to cutting buds, or use the branch on the back to change the head method, shoot high to extend the branch angle.

(cheapest plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers france)When there is a meeting between the trees, the shears should be shrunk in time to maintain ventilation and light transmission(gallon nursery pots). If the tree vigor is severely weakened, you can use a large renewal, that is, choose a good long branch inside the canopy, or use the branch sprouted from the base of the main branch to accelerate the cultivation and replace it with the backbone branch(15 gallon nursery pots supplier). The tree body is weak and the yield is reduced.

Choose two branches located at the angle of 40 ~ 50 degrees of the main branch space of the first layer as the main branch of the second layer, that is, the 4th and 5th main branches, leaving a 30cm cut(gallon plant pot). If the center does not stop, it can also adopt the "self-capping" method(nursery plant pots). The pruning technique of the tree in the senescence stage. The main task of pruning is to rejuvenate the tree, delay aging and death.(cheapest plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers france)

The following four points should be paid attention to in the hotbed breeding(cell trays): the hotbed temperature requires a high degree of sunny days and a low rainy day; it is high before emergence and before transplanting to survive, and low after emergence and after transplanting to survive(black plastic plant pots). On sunny days, it should be maintained between 25 and 30 ° C, and the temperature is higher, which is conducive to photosynthesis.

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