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Cheapest Plastic Planting Pots Manufacturers Saudi Arabia

When planting vegetables in winter(hole tray), because the temperature in some areas will drop sharply, there will be severe weather such as frost, strong wind. When planting a home garden, silver or black mulch is better. In order to lay the mulch film, you must first prepare a film that is suitable for the size of the sculpture(greenhouse plant trays). Different covering materials have different uses. There are two main methods for arch shed cultivation.

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The width of the film is wider than that of the brown(128 plug tray). Secondly, do not leave a gap between the sleeping and the mulch, and fix the mulch firmly with soil. In this situation, there will be no good harvest when growing vegetables in the open air. I hope everyone can learn this technique carefully. Heat preservation can advance the planting time of vegetables and extend the harvest time of vegetables(4 inch nursery pots). In short, building brackets can increase the yield of vegetables.

(cheapest plastic planting pots manufacturers saudi arabia)At this time, it is necessary to spread plastic film or sunshade nets and other materials on the arched frame to cover the whole vegetable field(plant plastic trays), so as to block the growth of vegetables in bad weather. The harm. If the covering material is directly covered on the crops, non-woven fabric (environmentally friendly material) should be selected instead of sunshade nets, and be careful not to press the plants when covering(large black plant pots). Enough space should be attached.

Although we can also use hanging insect nets, artificial pests will not come close easily(20 gallon plastic pots). It has a variety of functions such as heat preservation, shading, insect protection, and bird protection. If you are proficient in arched shed cultivation techniques, you can plant vegetables without pesticides(cheap small plant pots). Setting up a shelf to support plants can not only help plants or stems to grow straight, but also more convenient to harvest Tibetan vegetables.(cheapest plastic planting pots manufacturers saudi arabia)

Here we focus on the methods of live broadcasting. Live broadcasting can be divided into three methods: broadcast, broadcast, and click(v11 nursery pots). The so-called sunshade net refers to a net-like cloth, generally made of plastic materials. When planting vegetables in summer, covering the sunshade net can play a role in shading, avoiding heat and preventing insects(plastic planter pots), while covering it in winter will play a role in seedlings or plants, and it can also avoid weeds.

(cheapest plastic planting pots manufacturers saudi arabia)The brackets are mainly used for the cultivation of tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables whose base stalks are broken due to the weight of the fruit(plastic nursery trade pots), as well as cucurbit vegetables and legumes with many branches(so aromatic plants). One is to directly cover the crops with the covering material(6 inch plastic plant pots); the other is to spread the covering material on the arch-shaped frame so that the covering material does not directly contact the crops.

As for the specific methods of pot planting, we will introduce them in detail in the "Seedling Management" unit of this book(succulent planter tray). In addition, when vegetables can be planted, diseases and insect pests are very prone to occur. Planting plants that are very effective in controlling pests Sometimes you have to use pesticides, etc.), these plants will give off the nasty smell of pests(propagation trays australia). It also has a certain effect on the prevention and control of pests.

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