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Cheapest Plastic Planting Pots Wholesale Price Ecuador

Then, mix with 3 parts of sand soil or furnace ash(40 cell propagation trays wholesale), mix them in one or zero volume, put them in a pit or a fertilizer basin (bucket), and then cover the surface with a layer of pure soil. After fertilizing in the evening, watering should be done early in the morning on the sunday, commonly known as "returning water", so that the plants can be easily absorbed and avoid causing fertilizer damage(plastic plant trays wholesale). It is best to make homemade fertilizer in autumn and winter.

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When it is heated and decomposed and disintegrated in the spring and there is no foul smell, it can be mixed in the cultivation soil as a base fertilizer(50 cell seedling trays wholesale). If there is a courtyard in the family, you can dig a pit in a suitable place, about 60 cm deep, the size is suitable for the local conditions, it is best to use bricks to lay the bottom of the pit or a piece of plastic cloth(gallon plant pot). The barrel should be kept moist to promote fertilizer rot(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Sprinkle some insecticide and cover them.

(cheapest plastic planting pots wholesale price ecuador)Family flowers generally do not need to be soaked as a liquid fertilizer in order to maintain environmental hygiene(51 cell propagation trays wholesale). Inedible rotten beans, bad peanuts, mildew seeds, Austrian eggs, etc. are rich in nitrogen, broken bones, fish bones, greedy feces, chicken feathers, hoof angles, human hair, etc. are rich in phosphorus, to dilute the fertilizer liquid(gallon nursery pots), these are discarded in daily life The organic matter can be used as base fertilizer after accumulation and fermentation.

Stem and leaf flower fertilizer formula urea 97%(104 cell propagation trays wholesale), potassium dihydrogen phosphate 2.7%, ferrous sulfate 0.1%, sand turning 0.1%, ammonium histate 0.05%, zinc sulfate 0.05%. (Percentage refers to weight percentage, the same below.) Families living in buildings can put a large flower pot or type bucket in the corner of the balcony to smash the organic waste in the domestic garbage(plug trays), such as eggshells, meat waste, viscera and scales of poultry and fish, etc.(cheapest plastic planting pots wholesale price ecuador)

Now we introduce some flower fertilizer formulas. It is made into a black, odorous liquid by cylinder sealing bubble(128 cell plug trays supplier). After dilution, it can be used as rice water after fermentation, fish farming wastewater, fishy water, bottle washing water, egg shell water, pot and bowl water, Grass ash, etc(square grow pots). potassium dichloride 100g, copper sulfate 0.25g, all contain nitrogen, zinc sulfate 0.25g, phosphorus, potassium and other components, and are also good fertilizers for family flowers.

(cheapest plastic planting pots wholesale price ecuador)Total element flower fertilizer formula urea 82.7%, potassium dihydrogen phosphate 17%(40 cell plug tray wholesale), copper sulfate 0.05%, zinc sulfate 0.05%, magnesium sulfate 0.04%, nitrate 0.05%, ferrous sulfate 0.05%, ammonium molybdate 0.03%, manganese sulfate 0.03 %. Flower and fruit promotion formula of potassium dihydrogen phosphate 95%, ferrous sulfate 0.25g, urea 4.4%, ferrous sulfate 0.2%, alkali sand 0.2%(propagation tray), hammer sulfate 0.05%, zinc sulfate 0.05%, sulfuric acid Copper 0.1%.

After the orange peel is fermented, it is also a good fertilizer(2.5inch square nursery pots). Full-element compound flower fertilizer formula: dynamic material fermented fertilizer (ripe, rich in chlorine, followed by phosphorus) 500g, magnesium sulfate 0.2g, clear sand 0.25g, ammonium molybdate 0.15g, manganese sulfate 0.15g(cell trays). Therefore, family flower growers can purchase ready-made scientifically prepared flower fertilizer on the flower and bird market or use chemical fertilizer to make their own.(cheapest plastic planting pots wholesale price ecuador)

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