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Cheapest Plastic Pots For Plants Factory Chile

Potted flower planting soil(fabric bags wholesale), due to long-term watering and fertilization, will make the surface soil harden, affect root respiration, reduce absorption capacity, and hinder the decomposition of organic fertilizer in the soil. Loosening the soil can improve the structure of basin soil, which is beneficial to the growth of flowers(grow bags manufacturers). It will not matter if you destroy some new roots sprouting, because they will grow after stimulation.

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In order to control insect pests, iron should be added(nursery grow bags). Ferrous sulfate solution should be poured before planting, and 10 g (1%) of sawdust per kg could be applied. Do not pour water blocking the waist (water only seeps to half of the basin soil). Sawdust can also be made into culture soil through fermentation(grow bag greenhouse). When you are loosening the soil, you can use hand rakes or shovel adorable before watering or topdressing.(cheapest plastic pots for plants factory chile)

Because in the operation should pay attention to the following points: look at the situation of the pot soil watering(black fabric bag), when the color of the basin soil becomes lighter, there is a gap between the pot soil and the flowerpot, or finger playing flowerpot, the pronunciation is clear and crisp, it needs watering(small potting pots). Loosening the soil also helps to prevent evaporation in the basin, which is conducive to the downward infiltration of fertilizer solution.

(cheapest plastic pots for plants factory chile)The amount of watering should be moderate(65 gallon grow bags). When the basin soil is dry, it needs to be watered. Once the pot is thoroughly watered, water will flow out from the bottom hole of the basin. The method is to put sawdust into barrels or plastic bags, pour enough water into sealed places with high temperature(smart grow pots). After two months, the bottom will be poured up, the sawdust will become dark brown, which can be used as culture soil.

Hardwood sawdust with neutral can be planted Clivia, cycads, peonies, roses, etc.(4 inch pots bulk), pine and fir sawdust with acid can be planted brandy, Michelia, Milan, gardenia, azalea, jasmine, orchid and so on. The seasonal temperature is different. In late spring and early summer, a large amount of water should be watered for germination and growth(plastic tree containers). In summer, when the evaporation is large, it should be watered frequently.(cheapest plastic pots for plants factory chile)

On sunny days, it should be watered more, on cloudy days, on rainy days, but not on rainy days(large potting pots). In autumn and winter, water should be controlled, and less or even not for a period of time. In general, it is often found that the tip of the leaf is yellow, then the edge of the leaf is yellow, and the leaves fall off one after another, and after a summer, and the roots rot and die(200 gallon grow bags). Spray some water on the leaves in dry weather.

(cheapest plastic pots for plants factory chile)In general, the optimum temperature for plant growth is 20 ~ 38 ℃ in the daytime and 12 ~ 16 ℃ in the night(9 inch plant pot). The difference between daytime and nighttime is not more than 10 ~ 15 ℃. But in addition to the optimum temperature, there is also a survival limit temperature. If the survival limit is exceeded, the temperature will die(18 inch plant pot). Watering time should be 9-10 o'clock in the morning and should not be watered at night.

This is the first time people who grow flowers, always afraid that flowers will die(smart grow bags). No matter whether the basin soil is dry or wet, water them every day or even several times a day. As a result, the root of the plant has been flooded for a long time. However, there is no air compensation between the particles in the basin soil(20 inch plastic planter). The roots can not breathe normally and the roots rot due to suffocation. It is better to use fermented sawdust.(cheapest plastic pots for plants factory chile)

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