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Cheapest Thermoformed Pots Wholesale Direct Saudi Arabia

For some seeds that are easy to burst and fly(18 cell plug trays supplier), such as the seeds of Impatiens, tricolor cocoons and other flowers, or the water lily seeds that are easy to be washed away by water, they can be covered with gauze bags when they are about to mature, or harvested when the air humidity is high in the morning(bulk pots). Generally speaking, the seeds selected should be those from early flowering or on main branches and trunk.

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High humidity, short storage time of seeds; low humidity, long storage time(20 cell plug trays supplier). The germination rate and germination potential of the newly harvested seeds were higher. Incorrect varieties or mixed hybrids often lead to cultivation failure. As the saying goes, "the mother is big and the son is fat"(plastic planters bulk). Good seeds should have the following conditions: the correct varieties, the right varieties of seeds to achieve the purpose of planting.(cheapest thermoformed pots wholesale direct saudi arabia)

The seeds from late flowering or from flowers on weak branches are generally not very full and are not used for seed reservation(40 cell plug trays supplier). Seed storage and preservation requires certain humidity, temperature and other conditions, generally speaking, low temperature, long storage time; high temperature, short storage time(15 gallon pots distributor). In the low temperature storage method, the fully dried seeds were stored at a low temperature of 1 ~ 5 ℃.

The methods of seed storage and preservation are as follows(104 cell plug trays supplier): dry storage method some perennial herbaceous flower seeds which are resistant to drying can be stored in paper bags, cartons or cloth bags after they are fully dried and stored in ventilated and dry places(4 inch plastic pots wholesale). After the seeds of annual and biennial herbaceous flowers which are resistant to desiccation are fully dried, they are put into jars or bottles, sealed and stored in a cool place.

(cheapest thermoformed pots wholesale direct saudi arabia)The seed of some flowers is easy to lose its germinating power when it is stored in dry condition for a long time(105 cell seed trays wholesale). The method of stratification can be used, that is, the seeds and wet sand are piled up layer by layer. Dormant seeds treated in this way can promote germination. Such as peony, peony seeds(14 gallon pots distributor). The treated bulbs can be stored in a relative humidity of 30% ~ 35% and a temperature of - 2 ~ 2 ℃ for 80 ~ 100 days.

Water storage method the seeds of some aquatic flowers, such as water lily and Wang Lian, must be stored in water in order to maintain their germinating power(32 cell seed trays wholesale). Because of the high humidity and high temperature of tropical air, some oily seeds are not easy to store or germinate easily when separated from their mother body(black plastic plant pots wholesale). These seeds should be sown in the soil after harvest, such as red sandalwood, rubber tree, etc.

The rich and big seeds contain more nutrients, have strong germination ability and strong seedlings(200 cell plug trays supplier). Pest free seed is one of the main ways to spread diseases and insect pests, so we should pay attention to the selection of pest free seeds. In the process of storage, it should be inspected every 30 days or so, and timely treatment should be carried out in case of rotten seed balls(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). For fleshy seeds, harvest them when the fruit is very soft.(cheapest thermoformed pots wholesale direct saudi arabia)

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