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Cheapest Vegetable Growing Trays Wholesale Price USA

But in production, late sowing often delays the agricultural time, and early sowing is easy to cause rotten seeds and lack of seedlings(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Generally, the period when the temperature of 5-10cm on the soil surface is stable above 10 ℃ is the suitable sowing time for spring sowing corn(40 cell trays bulk). Because maize seedling stage is dominated by root growth, soil temperature has a great impact on the growth and development of root system.

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In addition, it can be seen from the above table that the extension of the growth period of early sown maize is mainly due to the large difference in the daily average temperature from the time of emergence to the time of tasseling(plastic plant trays wholesale). In a word, the difference of days needed to reach a certain accumulated temperature is small because of the high daily average temperature, while under the condition of short light, it was only delayed by 5 Days(72 cell seed starting trays).

(cheapest vegetable growing trays wholesale price usa)Early sowing of spring maize and other measures are beneficial to extend the growth period and increase the dry matter production(gallon pot), while early sowing of summer maize and autumn maize is an important measure to avoid late low temperature and ensure grouting and maturity. If the root system develops strong at seedling stage(40 cell tray in bulk), the growth rate of the lower part of the ground will be significantly higher than that of the upper part of the ground.

That is to say, the response of maize growth and development to temperature is more sensitive under long light than under short light(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). When the soil temperature is 20 ~ 24 ℃, it is more favorable for the development of maize root system. Therefore, the difference in the days from emergence to tasseling is also large(128 cell seedling start trays). Too high or too low temperature in maize seedling stage is harmful to its growth and development, so as to extend its growth period.

For example, under the condition of long light, compared with the high temperature of 23.5 ℃, the days from sowing to heading of maize were delayed by 12.3 days(seed plug trays wholesale). Therefore, high temperature and short light can promote the growth and development of maize; on the contrary, low temperature and long light can inhibit its growth and development(51 cell trays bulk). In order to reach the required effective accumulated temperature, it is necessary to extend the days.(cheapest vegetable growing trays wholesale price usa)

This shows that corn is a short sunshine crop that likes temperature(36 cell trays bulk). The short-term light of 8 hours was 12 days earlier than that of continuous light, while the day of Weisui was 19 days earlier. In the same latitude, the same variety moved from the area with lower altitude to the area with higher altitude for cultivation(128 cell seed starter trays). Although the length of sunshine is the same, the temperature will gradually decrease with the increase of altitude, which creates conditions for high yield.

(cheapest vegetable growing trays wholesale price usa)The results showed that under the condition of high temperature and short light(square grow pots), it only took 61.6 days from sowing to sugar extraction, and 86.8 days under the condition of low temperature and long sunshine, the difference between them was 25.2 days. It should be analyzed according to the differences of sunshine and temperature conditions in different regions(104 cell trays bulk). The sensitivity of female and male flowers to short light was different.

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