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China Plastic Gallon Plant Container Bulk Buy

At the time of transplanting(gallon plant pot), the branches used for cutting are preferably 1-2 years old. It is best to dry them before cutting. After cutting, they should not be directly exposed to direct sunlight. Place them under weak scattered light and insert them into the soil. The depth is usually 1/3 or 1/2, and the final water can be poured. It can make it grow better, so it is very easy to rot(large plastic terracotta pots). Flavor can be applied to compound fertilizer, but can not be directly applied to the soil.

(china plastic gallon plant container bulk buy)It should be known that its root system is very weak(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), so when the fertilizer is applied to the soil, if the heat is too large, it will burn its roots. When applied, it can be diluted with water and diluted, and the fertilizer can be poured into the pot after being diluted with water. It should be noted that the fertilization should not be applied to the roots of the leaves and plants(nursery plant pots). During curing, it can be applied with the right amount of liquid fertilizer, cake fertilizer or potassium dihydrogen phosphate.

To master the characteristics of thin fertilizer, if the amount of fertilizer is large, it will burn roots(plug trays). The vegetables that are made into fertilizers are vegetable leaves, rice water, etc., which can be used in a bottle and diluted and fermented. Fertilization for flesh is generally carried out during the growing season. Spring and autumn are good when it grows, so it can be fertilized properly(plastic plant trays wholesale). In summer, the temperature will rise faster, and sometimes the meat will sleep, so it is not possible to fertilize it during this time.

(china plastic gallon plant container bulk buy)Because it is a very good plant, the leaves will grow very quickly after pruning(cell trays). Sometimes the flower buds will shave the plant, and as long as the pruning is not too serious, it will survive. However, if the trimming is too large, it will easily die. The aboveground part of 3-5 cm should be retained. After trimming the leaves of the spider plant, place it in a cool place, not to be exposed to the sun(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), so that you can grow the leaves better.

At this time, you can't pour too much on it(black plastic plant pots). It should be seen that the wet soil environment will be more conducive to its growth. After cutting the leaves, pay attention to adjusting the temperature of the curing environment, and raise the best at 15-25 °C. Being too hot or too cold during this period will reduce the chances of plant survival. When trimming the leaves, it is also necessary to pay attention to the time choice(ground cover weed control). If the flower friends want to trim, it is recommended to do it in spring or autumn.

And when you cut the leaves at this time, it will grow new leaves faster(propagation tray). In the meaty period of serving the pot, its root absorption capacity is not very good, so do not pour too much water. It is usually sprayed with some water at the beginning. If there is too much water, it is easy to rot, and the leaves are very likely to be water(fabric planter bags). The growth of the flesh during the growth period is generally very good, and the watering is also very simple, usually pouring the soil when watering.

(china plastic gallon plant container bulk buy)Under normal circumstances, each time you water the water(square grow pots), you need to dry the soil before you can pour it into the bottom of the basin. Do not pour water to halfway. If the flower pot is large, pour more. If the flower pot is small, pour less. No matter what period of time, it can not produce water in the basin(gallon nursery pots). The fleshy likes the moist environment. If its roots are soaked in the stagnant water, it will breathe badly, which will cause rotten roots.

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