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The management of orchid flowering is very important(plastic nursery pots). If you are not careful, you may disappear. Chunlan and Cymbidium are unearthed from the flower buds to the sulcus, which lasts for nearly half a year. During this period, care must be taken. This is directly related to whether the flower buds can develop normally. Open beautiful flowers. It involves not only technical issues related to flowering care, but also an artistic skill(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The flowering care points summarized in the author's practice of raising orchids are as follows:

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(cheap large plastic plant pots manufacturers china)After the flower buds are unearthed(plastic nursery pots wholesale), do not touch the squeeze with your hands: the first raiser sees the sprouts unearthed, and it is unclear whether it is a leaf bud or a flower bud. I can't help but touch it with my hands and pinch. I know that the new buds that have just been unearthed are very delicate. When they are squeezed and squeezed, the outer coat will become "coke" and even cause the flower buds to be "fossilized". Therefore, they can only observe with their eyes, and do not squeeze them(14 gallon nursery pots wholesale). After the flower buds are out, according to the number of orchids and the growth situation, the buds are scattered and weakened.

Such as a basin of Chunlan name, only 4,5 seedlings, leaving a flower bud is enough(black plastic nursery pots); 8, 9 seedlings can leave 2 flower buds; 10 seedlings or more can stay. The author has a pot of "Yi Pin" 10 seedlings, from 8 flower buds, 6 missing, leaving only 2. That is to avoid consuming too much nutrients. The principle of sparse buds is “to weaken and stay strong”—the front ridge (new year old fake bulb) and the rear ridge both flower buds(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale), the buds of the former ridge sturdy grass are removed, and the ridges are removed; one sturdy grass has two flower buds only Leave one.

(cheap large plastic plant pots manufacturers china)The flower buds from the weak seedlings are firmly removed and cannot be preserved(plug trays wholesale); the flower buds that are unearthed too late are also suitable for removal; those that are squeezed into the blue leaves are not as good as the surrounding orchids. In order to prevent frostbite of flower buds, winter must enter the house for winter: place the orchids with flower buds in a sunny room to bathe in warm sunshine(10 gallon nursery pots wholesale). During the day, when the temperature rises, the window should be ventilated to enhance ventilation. Daily watering should try to avoid water intrusion into the coat to avoid causing decay.

During the period from jointing to sapling(seed starter trays), the orchid should be properly controlled for dryness: the orchid begins to pull the stem and requires a certain amount of water. If there is no moist environment in the pot, the stem will not be pumped high and the dwarf is not covered, and it is covered by the leaves. Damaged aesthetics. In order to raise the flower buds, the pot must be kept moist and not too dry. When the sulphate can be used, the basin should be slightly dry(7 gallon nursery pots wholesale). If the humidity in the basin is too large, the bud can continue to rise, but it will often cause the side lobes to "fall off the shoulders", affecting the appearance of flowers.(cheap large plastic plant pots manufacturers china)

Therefore, the eve should be reduced in moisture. But it can't be generalized(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). For some exotic species, such as Chunlan Yu Butterfly, Liangxi Ruidie, Dance Butterfly, etc., as well as the orchids, seagulls, bee, and Lixing, etc., they should not be dry, but they should be more moist. It is better to display the odd flap morphology when the flap is promoted. Green radish, also known as golden geese, is a large evergreen vine(5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Growing in the tropics, it often grows on the rocks and trunks of the rainforest and grows into huge vines.

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