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Commercial 21cm Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale

Temperature management is regulated according to changes in weather temperature(plant propagation trays). If the outdoor weather is too bad, the floating plate can be temporarily transferred to a temperature-friendly room warm. In the stage of seed germination and growth, it is necessary to make it fully visible and maintain good photosynthesis(small black plant pots). Alternatively, the seed is laid flat on the ground and rubbed back and forth with the shoes, and the seed shell can be split.(commercial 21cm plastic plant pots wholesale)

As the temperature rises, the film at both ends and the entire film can be further opened(terracotta plastic plant pots). Due to the temperature difference between day and night, the film is usually covered at night. In the summer, the sun is strong and it is easy to burn the seedlings. Therefore, it is necessary to take shading measures in time. On sunny days, from 10 am to 4 pm, shading nets should be used for shading(large plastic terracotta plant pots). In case of heavy rain, cover the rain in time to avoid rain. Rushing, causing the seedlings to fall.

(commercial 21cm plastic plant pots wholesale)The holes are covered by a multi-layer film(3 gal plastic nursery pots). If there are more than one seedling, remove the excess. If there are no seedlings in the hole, make up a seedling. Make sure that there is at least one seedling in each hole. Seedlings are prone to a variety of pests and diseases, prevention work must be done in advance, real-time monitoring and observation(tiny plastic plant pots), in the event of pests and diseases immediately take appropriate measures to avoid large-scale spread, resulting in irreversible losses.

In winter and spring, the weather should be strengthened(plant cell trays). When the weather is hot, open the air on both sides of the film to cool down and drain. The whole process should pay attention to the uniformity of the seedlings and the hygiene of the field work. Field workers should be disinfected before work to prevent contamination and contamination(1 gallon plastic nursery pots). Therefore, China must master its technical points and promote the floating seedlings of vegetables to replace traditional seedlings as soon as possible.

In the peak period when certain pests and diseases are prone to occur, it is necessary to spray some preventive solutions in advance to prepare(large black plastic plant pots). In the prone period of downy mildew, carbendazim 1000 times solution spraying is used for prevention. With the development of science and technology and modern agriculture in China(5 gallon flower pot), floating seedling technology has gained more attention because of its unique advantages of pollution-free and green environmental protection.(commercial 21cm plastic plant pots wholesale)

When the seedlings grow to a small cross, the seedlings and seedlings should be started(6 cell plant trays). The seedbed should be kept clean and airy, and the insect nets should be kept closed. Especially when the greenhouses are constructed, the coriander seeds are generally sown in the autumn and winter, while the vegetable floating seedling technology is still in In the initial stage of development and utilization(nursery flower pots), large-scale applications have not yet been obtained.(commercial 21cm plastic plant pots wholesale)

During the rosette period, more fertilizer is needed(wholesale succulent pots). The quantity and quality of topdressing in this period will have an important impact on the future yield. Watering: lightly pouring and moisturizing during seedling stage, suitable for water control seedlings in the early stage of rosettes for 5-7 days, the temperature in winter is low, the container can be placed near the heating to keep the temperature at 20-25 °C(small succulent pots bulk), and the gauze is dried again. Add some water.

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