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Decorating Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Suppliers Canada

Yellow peach is a high-quality variety of peaches with high edible value(gallon pot). It is also used to make dried fruit and canned fruits. It has high economic value and good planting benefits(5 inch plastic flower pots). In general, how to increase the yield of yellow peaches in the process of planting yellow peaches is also the primary concern of every grower, so how to increase the yield of yellow peaches?

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Let's learn the key points of high-yield yellow peach cultivation together(seed starting trays). The previous crops are peach, plum and other stone fruit gardens, and the remaining crops need to be replanted for 4 to 5 years. The row spacing of the planting density is 1 ~ 2m × 5m, and the plant spacing can be appropriately reduced by mechanical operation(deep plant trays). Young trees can be intercropped with crops such as green manure or beans.(decorating plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers canada)

The average annual temperature in the following year is 8 to 17 ° C, the average temperature in January is not lower than -10 ° C(2 gallon nursery pots bulk), the annual rainfall is 500 to 800mm, and the annual sunshine is 1200 to 1800h(7 gallon flower pot). The pH value is 5.0-7.5, the salt content is below 0.2%, the groundwater level is below 1m, and low-lying land and poorly drained land are not suitable for planting peaches(10x20 plant trays). The cut grass covered tree trays. 

(decorating plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers canada)The peel and flesh are all yellow(seed starter trays). Pollenless trees should be equipped with pollination trees, and pollinated trees should be equipped with pollination trees. Use varieties and rootstocks that are resistant to diseases and insect pests and stress(v14 nursery pots). Choose more than 3 main lateral roots, more than 20cm in length, full development, seedlings with a height of 80cm or more and a base diameter of 1cm or more.

It is not advisable to continue planting peach trees(3 gallon nursery pots bulk). Planting period is divided into spring planting or autumn planting. Spring planting stops after the soil thaws, irrigates water after planting, and can be covered with mulch to increase ground temperature(v13 nursery pots). Every autumn, the deep soil modification stops between rows, and the outer circumference of the canopy is deepened by 40 ~ 60cm. Also pay attention to pest control. 

Pay attention to artificial planting of rattan grass, white clover, ryegrass, or natural grass(5 gallon nursery pots bulk). Adult trees use inter-row grass, which is cleared or covered in-row. The above are the key points for the cultivation and management of high-yield yellow peaches. The ratio of the main planted varieties to the pollinated varieties is 5-8: 1(plastic flower pots bulk). Pay attention to sandy loam and light loam with deep soil layers and good drainage.(decorating plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers canada)

When the interline grass is 30-40cm high, cut it manually or mechanically(9cm plastic grow pots). The stubble height should be 8-10cm. Cut it 3 to 4 times a year. Plastic trim must pay attention to the ventilation. The peach tree is a hi-light tree species. The canopy coverage rate is maintained at about 70%. Too dense gardens should be thinned or stop adjusting the tree structure(succulent planter tray). The light transmittance under the canopy is> 40%.

(decorating plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers canada)Away from large cities, choose mid-to-late maturity varieties that are resistant to storage and transportation(4.72inch plastic nursery pots). If we want to develop yellow peach cultivation, we must choose a suitable variety in accordance with the local conditions and climate, and usually strengthen water and fertilizer management, and stop pruning and sparse flowers at the same time(15 gallon flower pot). Stop cultivating after each irrigation and rainfall.

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