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Decorating Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale

Rose, also known as thorn rose, silk flower, assassin, heart-shaped rose(plastic nursery pots). Rosaceae rose is a shrub. As a crop, its flowers are mainly used for food and refined rose oil. Rose oil is more valuable than equal weight gold. It is used in cosmetics, food, fine chemicals and other industries. It is also an important material for cut flowers and potted plants(15 gallon pots distributor). Long-term water shortage: If the sun is too shady, it will easily cause root rot and the leaves will curl and yellow.(decorating plastic plant pots wholesale)

Recently, flower friends have encountered the problem of yellowing the leaves of mini roses(plug trays wholesale). Then, how to do the potted rose leaves yellow? The following small series will introduce the reasons and solutions for the yellowing of potted roses. Environmental changes: Buying soon, in the adaptation period, a small amount of yellow leaves is normal and very common. Solution: You don't have to worry about this situation(gallon planters supplier). You can take measures to reduce the degree of environmental change and wait for it to adapt.

Too much watering: the leaves are dark yellow and dull, the old leaves have no obvious changes(plastic nursery pots wholesale, the branches are fine yellow-green, and the new shoots are not shrinking, indicating that there is too much watering. Solution: Pause watering, wait until the soil is dry and then water, not too much watering each time. If there is more water, it will cause yellow leaves. Solution: Pay attention to watering and pouring when watering(7 gallon pots distributor). Exposure: Strong direct sunlight, easy to cause leaf tips, leaves edge dry, yellow spots appear in the sun-facing part of the leaves.

(decorating plastic plant pots wholesale)Solution: But also remember not to expose to the sun, the leaves are also prone to yellowing, and affect the flowering(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Air drying: The flower soil is too dry. If the soil in the basin is not watered for a long time, it can also cause the leaves to be yellow. Solution: Place it in a cool room, avoid direct sunlight, pay attention to watering(bulk half gallon pots). Insufficient sunlight: long-term shaded environment, the leaves do not get enough sunlight, can not form chlorophyll, the whole plant leaves yellow and then fall off.

Solution: If the light is not enough, it will definitely be yellow leaves. In severe cases, the whole plant will rot and die(black plastic nursery pots). You can move the plants to a place with sufficient light, but remember not to expose them to the sun. The temperature is too high: the leaves are curled and yellow, and the whole plant is bun. Solution: Put the plants indoors, in a cool shade(14 gallon pots distributor). The temperature is too low: when the temperature is low, the winter will be in a dormant period, that is, the leaves turn yellow and fall off the leaves, and even fall into a polished rod.

(decorating plastic plant pots wholesale)Excessive fertilization: too much fertilization, the performance of the old tip of the leaf turns yellow and dry(wholesale nursery pots). Solution: Suspend fertilization, and add fertilizer when growing a lot of sprouts in spring. Long-term lack of fertilizer: the new roots are yellow, the leaves are lighter and light green, and gradually turn yellow and dry. Solution: Apply proper amount of fertilizer, not more fertilizer(2 gallon plant pots manufacturer). Rotten roots: The flower pots are not breathable, and the pots have large roots to avoid long-term dampness of the potting soil, causing the roots to rot.

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