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Decorative Plastic Outdoor Plant Pots Wholesale

At the peak of fruit growth, the absorption ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is different from that in the pre-growth period(cheap grow pots). More potassium fertilizer is required, the demand for phosphate fertilizer is stable, and the demand for nitrogen fertilizer is increased, but the nitrogen requirement is lower than potassium(72 cell plug trays). It is considered that it is necessary to pay attention to the colorless insect nets in all the vents of the greenhouse. 

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In case of severe overdose, the leaves of the plant will be thick and hard, the leaves will be twisted(grow pots for sale), the fruit will be reduced or the melon strips will be distorted. When there is too much phosphate fertilizer, there will be symptoms of chlorosis such as zinc deficiency, iron deficiency and magnesium deficiency(large black plant pots), because the phosphate fertilizer will combine with these elements in the soil to reduce their effectiveness in time.(decorative plastic outdoor plant pots wholesale)

In the absence of potassium(10 inch plastic plant pots), it will be found that the lower old leaves appear scorched from the edge, the sugar content is reduced, the flavor is deteriorated, and the plant is prematurely degraded. Therefore, we recommend that the application of fruit fertilization should follow a small number of principles and pay attention to the application of potash(seedling trays). When it is necessary to supplement trace elements, it can be carried out by foliar application.

This caused excessive nitrogen application, excessive phosphorus application(128 cell trays), and insufficient potassium fertilizer during the fruiting period. In conversations with farmers, we found that they generally believe that phosphate fertilizer, urea, and ammonium bicarbonate can be used as fruit fertilizer(plastic planter pots). In addition, as the temperature of the shed rises, sometimes the symptoms of tomato umbilical rot or dry and browning of the top of the cucumber are found.

(decorative plastic outdoor plant pots wholesale)When the fruit is easy to crack and the temperature of the shed rises too fast and the temperature changes drastically(2 gallon plastic pots), it will cause difficulty in water absorption of the plant, affecting the transportation of calcium in the plant and causing calcium deficiency at the top(propagation trays australia). As the outdoor temperature rises, the number of viral vectors such as aphids and whitefly increases, and attention should be paid to pest control to reduce the occurrence of viral diseases.

Therefore, we should fully understand the fertilizer requirements of fruits and vegetables during this period(2 gallon plant pot), so as to scientifically and rationally fertilize. Adding insect nets is an effective and economical measure. Lime is placed inside for disinfection of the sole. The control of mites can be carried out with 25% Aketai 7500~10000 times spray(cheap small plant pots). Prepare a bottle of 10% trisodium phosphate or 0.1% potassium permanganate disinfectant in the greenhouse for the disinfection of the front hand. 

15-20 days before the harvest of the longan(4 gallon nursery pots), when the core becomes black, the peel turns to slip, and the flesh is transparent, the fertilizer is applied before, and the quick-acting and instant-dissolving Nitrogen and potassium fertilizers are the main ones. The results are more than 50 kg of trees, 1.5-2 kg of urea per plant(6 inch plastic nursery pots), 0.75-1 kg of potassium chloride, and 80-100 kg of decomposed manure and water. After the application.(decorative plastic outdoor plant pots wholesale)

At this time, when the nitrogen fertilizer is too much, the leaves are dark green(greenhouse plant trays). Moreover, it is often found that the area of the blade is increased, and the disinfectant tank is set at the entrance of the greenhouse. The solution is to adjust the temperature inside the shed to prevent high and low, watering and spraying with calcium on the foliar surface(6 inch plastic plant pots). All of the above measures can reduce the spread of viral diseases to a certain extent.

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