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Decorative Plastic Plant Pots Suppliers In China

Dear friends, good evening, I have a bit of free time today, so I will come up and discuss with you the knowledge of cutting and breeding Lo Hansong(162 cell propagation trays wholesale). Perhaps, when it comes to the breeding of Luo Hansong, some pot friends may dig down the stump with their hoes(v9 nursery pots), but Xiaobian still stays at home today to practice boy exercises.

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The clustered hemispherical leaves grew on the tops of the branches like human palms(20 cell propagation trays wholesale), and when coupled with a bent tree body, it was as if a guest was bending over and flexing his arms, welcoming the guests, a very vivid image.The strict and specific harvesting standards are full of pods, showing the inherent color of the variety, and not yet "drum beans"(nursery pots canada). The stem grows in a specific direction according to the desire of the stylist, and achieves the purpose of styling.

(decorative plastic plant pots suppliers in china)Not much nonsense, let's go straight to the topic(200 cell propagation trays wholesale). Today, I will discuss with the pot friends about the techniques of soft branches and hard branches cuttings. First we need to find a well-grown pot of Lohan pine into a tree. Select the robust branches to cut as cuttings. The picture below shows the cut branches(plastic garden pots price). Then cut about 10 cm long shoots from the cut branches as cuttings. Twigs are semi-lignified branches that are annual.

There is too much water in the initial flowering period(24 cell propagation trays wholesale). Common diseases of cowpea include rust, gray mold, sclerotinia, and anthracnose. The main pests are aphids, viburnum, thrips, etc. Generally, measures should be taken for timely control. Cowpea reaches its initial harvesting period of 40-50 days after planting(4 inch square greenhouse pots). Generally speaking, cowpeas reach the maturity period of commercial products in about 10-12 days after flowering, and they can be harvested one after another.

Generally, the harvest is too early, the yield is low(112 cell propagation trays wholesale). If the harvest is too late, the pods are easy to age, and the cowpea has serious flowering and pod loss. The harvest should be timely. You can use strong bamboo sticks and strong hemp ropes for the binding method. Tie the bamboo sticks and branches with hemp ropes and fasten them. Then fix one end of the bamboo sticks to the trunk(9 inch plastic plant pots). By adjusting the direction of the bamboo sticks, make the branches.(decorative plastic plant pots suppliers in china)

After soaking, if you cut it with scissors, the lower mother plant is cut off because of the phloem(plant start trays wholesale). The more organic matter accumulates, the more water must be controlled. Use a bamboo rod of 2-2.5 meters long to put it into the shelf. It should be noted that the selection of a trunk is obvious first(4.5 inch pot), and the Zhafa styling is suitable for younger Hansong pine, while older Hansong pines have thick branches, which makes the modeling difficult and the effect is not good.

(decorative plastic plant pots suppliers in china)It should be noted that after bending the tree body(288 cell propagation trays wholesale), it is necessary to support the inclined end with a wooden pile to prevent the tree body from overly tilting and lodging, and pad a moderate thickness of straw between the contact surface of the wooden pile and the tree body to avoid the tree Physical injury(viagrow plastic nursery pots). It is naturally better to dig finished products from the wild, but Xiaobian is not a master of trouble-free, Xiaobian is a tossing person. 

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