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Deep Plant Plastic Trays Wholesale Suppliers USA

During this period, the outside temperature increased(black plastic plant pots), the greenhouse ventilation time was longer, and the indoor air humidity was smaller, which was conducive to the accumulation of sugar. Under sunny conditions, the temperature of white weather can basically meet the temperature requirements of grapes(18 cell plug trays supplier). The air humidity is basically the same inside and outside, about 50%. 

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In the middle of May, all the windows can be opened in the greenhouse, and all the base films can be opened in the greenhouse(greenhouse supplies pots). The temperature shall be kept between 28 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ in the daytime and 15 ℃ ~ 20 ℃ at night. Cause disease growth and fruit cracking(20 cell plug trays supplier). When the temperature of grape is lower than 10 ℃, the leaves of grape turn yellow and lose leaves quickly, which indicates that the grape enters the dormancy period.

(deep plant plastic trays wholesale suppliers usa)There should be a proper low temperature stage below 7.2 ℃ after defoliation(nursery plant pots), so that the grapes can pass the proper low temperature exercise and complete the dormancy. Generally, after the beginning of winter, the shed can be closed and covered with straw curtains to avoid the temperature rise of the shed under the sun(40 cell plug trays supplier). After the end of December, and leaves will fall lightly , the curtain will be opened to increase the temperature.

To control the humidity in the family, it may be that in this process, too much water will increase the probability of wound decay on the root system(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Aphids, red spiders, scale insects, etc. will be damaged to varying degrees when diseases and insect pests occur, causing root rot or damage, causing leaves to turn yellow(200 cell plant trays bulk). However, the spider is relatively small, so the general damage is the back of the leaf, which is caused by poor ventilation and air drying.(deep plant plastic trays wholesale suppliers usa)

But we should pay attention to avoid overtemperature in the daytime(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). When the temperature in the room reaches 28 ℃, we should let out the wind in real time to cool down. Such as mite net, gram mite and so on. In addition to fresh food, grape can also be made into raisins and wine. The market demand is very broad and the economic value is significant(32 cell plant trays bulk). However, when it rains outside, the temperature and humidity in this period should not be too high. 

(deep plant plastic trays wholesale suppliers usa)We should remind you that if we use hot friends to pour through(128 cell seed trays wholesale), too much fertilization of banyan trees will lead to yellowing of fertilizer and leaves, and if we lack fertilizer, the old leaves will turn green to yellow. Therefore, we need to use thin fertilizer frequently to avoid applying high concentration of chemical fertilizer or organic fertilizer that has not been fermented and ripened, otherwise(50 cell plant trays bulk), fertilizer damage will occur, death of the heavy.

It is suggested that the ventilating window should be closed to prevent the water vapor from entering the room(plastic plant trays wholesale), increase the humidity, and the humidity during the grape flowering period should not be too large, otherwise it will affect the pollen sac's cracking and powder scattering, reduce the fruit setting rate, and the excessive humidity will lead to disease(seed planting trays wholesale). Grape is an important economic fruit in our country. Its planting area is very wide.

Generally, it is harmful to the beautiful dead branches(128 cell trays bulk). In the middle of August of the lunar calendar, the ripe banyan fruit should be collected in time and spread out for drying. When the height of the fine seedlings reaches 40 cm, 0.3% - 0.4% ferrous sulfate solution or 0.1% - 0.2% chelated iron solution + 4000 times solution shuofeng481 can be often used for foliar spraying(50 cell seed trays wholesale). Spray every 5-7 days Two or three times of continuous spraying.(deep plant plastic trays wholesale suppliers usa)

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