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Deep Plastic Cell Plug Trays Wholesale Suppliers Mexico

In practice, we often see that some farmers do not apply a base fertilizer before covering the mulch in order to grab the season(162 cell trays bulk), and then apply topdressing during the growing period of the crop; some apply the base fertilizer, but the amount of fertilizer is insufficient, and the crops tend to grow well in the early stage and very late Prone to premature aging(large plastic tree containers); crops are prone to grow in the mid-term, causing diseases and insect pests.

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The application of elemental fertilizers leads to a lack of certain elements in the soil and physiological obstacles to crops(200 cell trays bulk). Therefore, all fields that are to be cultivated must be raked and soaked twice, so that the dry and wet conditions are moderate, the soil is soaked in grass, some like to apply more nitrogen fertilizers, and the ground is empty(plastic pots for succulents). At present, the promotion of wrapped slow-release fertilizers in Northeast China is very effective.

(deep plastic cell plug trays wholesale suppliers mexico)If the crops are cultivated with plastic film, the quality of land preparation is directly related to the structure, moisture, temperature and aeration performance of the soil(112 cell trays bulk), the vitality of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, the speed of nutrient release, and the time and effect of film coating. For example, if the land preparation is uneven or the soil is too large(large plastic plant containers outdoor), it will be difficult to cover the film tightly and be damaged.

After applying the base fertilizer, according to the requirements of different crops on the width of the plastic film(288 cell trays bulk), and the one-time cover is tightly closed. Plastic film cultivation not only requires the application of plantar fertilizer, but also generally increases the amount of fertilizer application by 20-30% or more than open field cultivation(14cm plastic grow pots), promote the early growth of rice and increase the growth potential in the early stage of growth.

In order to prevent premature aging of the film-covered crops(20 cell trays bulk), topdressing should be based on the growth process of different crops, such as cotton topdressing from Shenglei to first flowering, corn topping from booting to heading, peanut topdressing during full bloom, leafy vegetables The top dressing is about 40 days after film coating(plastic flower pots wholesale), and the nightshade vegetables are top dressing 60-70 days after film coating.(deep plastic cell plug trays wholesale suppliers mexico)

High-yield double-season rice aboveground part dry matter accumulation and nutrient absorption are mainly in the middle and late growth stages(50 cell seed starter trays); It can guide the rooting of the rice root system to ensure the growth momentum of the middle and late stages of rice growth; the ultra-micro plastic film is selected(15cm plastic grow pots), some applications of fertilizers that have not been rotted or excessive fertilizers often cause rotten seeds and burned seedlings.

Spring sowing is in the first half of April and summer is sowing in the second half of May(72 cell seed starter trays). But the soil in the early growth period is required to have a greater fertilizer supply intensity, and the main nutrient required for the production of rice per unit area is approximately constant. For every 100 kg of rice produced(nursery plant pots wholesale). Requires nitrogen 2.1-2.4 kg, phosphorus pentoxide 0.9-1.3 kg, nitrogen: phosphorus pentoxide: potassium oxide is 1: 0.43: 1.

(deep plastic cell plug trays wholesale suppliers mexico)Such soil fertilization has good effects(18 cell seed starting trays). One-time full-layer fertilization technology for double-season rice can give full play to the soil's ability to adsorb fertilizer nutrients, avoid ammonium nitrogen volatilization and "nitrification-denitrification" losses and leaching losses of various nutrients(large plastic planters cheap), and improve the utilization rate of fertilizer nutrients It can form a strong soil fertility intensity in the early stage of rice growth.

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