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Deep Seedling Plug Tray Wholesale Suppliers Malaysia

Prickly pears are known individually as "lazy plants" and do not require much care and care(plastic nursery pots). Hydroponic prickly pears are easier to maintain. However, in the process of curing cactaceae plants, many people often go into the cultivation misunderstanding, and give the immortal ball the sun all the year round, giving high temperature and drought conditions, and think that the prickly pear can be raised by the coarse sand planting(200 cell seed starting trays). In fact, it is not a good idea to cultivate and manage the fairy ball. The potted prickly pear can be used with 3 parts of humus soil, garden soil and coarse sand, and mixed with 1 part of ash and rotted bone powder. It should be placed in the early spring.

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(deep seedling plug tray wholesale suppliers malaysia)The bottom of the basin is first padded with a layer of pebbles about 3 cm thick for drainage(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The depth of planting is such that the rhizome of the sphere is level with the soil surface. The prickly pears are fat and fertile, and grow faster when the fertilizer is sufficient. After one month of changing the pot in the spring, the top dressing is started, and the decomposing fertilizer is applied once every 20 days in the growing season. Do not fertilize in winter. It is best to plant the upper basin in the early spring, the flower pot should not be too large(72 cell plug trays supplier), so as to accommodate the sphere and a slight gap is appropriate. The flower pot is too large, can not be absorbed after pouring the water, the air in the basin is impassable, and the root system is easily rotted.

A small number of straight root types and bird feather jade, giant elephant ball, etc(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). require a deeper potted basin. Silver wool balls, descendants and other shallow root types can be used for shallower common flower pots. Apply fine mouth when fertilizing the prickly pear The spray can is sprayed slowly along the edge of the basin. Do not splash the fertilizer on the sphere, otherwise the sphere will be burnt. Potted prickly pears can also be fertilized properly during the growing season, especially when grafted with triangular arrows(128 cell seed trays wholesale). Fertilizer should be paid more attention to. The fertilizer can be applied with a fully decomposed thin liquid fertilizer every 10-15 days.

(deep seedling plug tray wholesale suppliers malaysia)Pay attention to the control of fertilizer and water after the fall, usually once a month, until the end of October to stop the fertilizer(plug trays wholesale). If you do not control the fertilizer. Let the prickly pear continue to grow, the soft ball is vulnerable to freezing when wintering. Pay attention to the ball when fertilizing If it is stained with water, the prickly pear is more resistant to drought. Spring, summer and autumn are the peak seasons for growth and should be watered in time. During the winter dormancy, watering should be controlled to keep the basin soil from drying out(128 cell plug trays supplier). The lower the temperature, the more the basin should be kept dry. The adult ball is more drought-tolerant than the seedling.

Watering in winter should be carried out in the sunny morning(black plastic nursery pots). As the temperature rises, the plants will gradually fall out of dormancy, and the number of watering and watering can be gradually increased. If the temperature is kept above 10 °C in winter, it should be dried in the soil. Watering after. If the temperature is low, the basin should be dried. Watering should be done on a sunny morning(seed starting trays supplier). The prickly pears are happy to light, except for proper shading in the summer, and other seasons should be kept in a sunny place. When changing the basin, you should cut off some of the old roots.(deep seedling plug tray wholesale suppliers malaysia)

After drying for 4-5 days, planting in the pot, the planting should not be too deep, and it is better to keep the roots of the sphere at the same level as the soil surface(plastic nursery pots wholesale). To avoid causing rotten roots, the newly planted prickly pears should not be watered, only need to spray 2-3 times a day. After half a month, a small amount of water can be watered. After one month, new roots can grow to gradually increase watering. There are also some minerals, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers needed for flower growth, which are found in traditional Chinese medicine slag(32 cell plug trays supplier). According to the test, the flowers extracted from the traditional Chinese medicine slag as fertilizer have the characteristics of fast growth, luxuriant foliage and strong disease resistance, and the flowers are also brightly colored and the flavor is more intense.

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