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Double Color Plastic Flower Pots Manufacturers China

Treating diseases and insect pests with fertilizers not only treats diseases and insect pests, but also fertilizes, not only kills the diseases and insects, but also does not pollute the environment(gallon plant pot). It can be said that the two practices are as follows. Helicoverpa armigera is most afraid of phosphorus during the spawning period, and immediately escapes when it sees phosphorus, red spiders and other pests(plastic plant trays wholesale). 

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According to this characteristic, the cotton leaf surface was sprayed with 2% supercalcium leaching solution(seed starting trays), leaving one line every 5 lines without spraying, which drove the cotton bollworm to lay eggs and then exterminate them intensively. Use 2% urea solution or 1% ammonium carbonate solution, or 0.5% ammonia solution(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Rice and wheat use 20kg-30kg silicon-calcium fertilizer per 667 square meters, which can greatly reduce the damage of armyworm.

(double color plastic flower pots manufacturers china)At this time, if sprayed with 2% superphosphate solution, it chemically reacts with the acid secreted by cotton, which can harden the eggs of the cotton bollworm, and the larvae cannot break the shell and die(propagation tray). These three nitrogen fertilizers have strong volatility and have fumigation and corrosion effects on pests, especially for controlling small and weak endurance insects such as red spider, spider mite, thrips, etc., the effect is particularly good.

Silicon calcium fertilizer is a new type of chemical fertilizer(square grow pots). After an appropriate amount of spin-on silicon fertilizer, silicon will accumulate in the crop epidermal cells, forming a hard epidermal layer, which can make it difficult for pests to penetrate. Practice has proved that corn, sorghum, soybeans, kidney beans and other 667 square meters of 20 kg of silicon calcium fertilizer can avoid corn borer(black plastic plant pots). Legumes are harmful. It can control more than 90% of tapeworms on species fly and onion fly.(double color plastic flower pots manufacturers china)

Suddenly, 10 kg of plant ash is used for 50 kg of water, and the filtrate is sprayed to prevent and control aphids on fruit trees and crop summer flowers(plug trays), and it can supplement potassium fertilizer to enhance the crop's resistance to lodging and the wind resistance of flowers and young fruit trees. For example, adding trichlorfon in the plant ash solution can enhance the contact and fumigation effect of the medicinal solution, and improve the killing ability of aphids(nursery plant pots).

(double color plastic flower pots manufacturers china)Cotton bollworm also has the characteristic that when it sees the acid secreted by cotton(gallon nursery pots), it clusters on it to lay eggs. Roses, rhododendrons, oleanders and other flowers can also be treated with plant ash if they are damaged by maggots of species. For crops, vegetables, and apples, use 250-500 grams of urea per 667 square meters, add 100 grams of washing powder, and 50 kilograms of water(cell seed trays). After mixing, make a "urine washing mixture" spray to prevent and control red spiders and aphids. .

Fern is a rare wild vegetable used in a large amount of raw chicken manure(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). At about five days after sowing, the buns are budding, which will be much simpler. The first thing to show is not the small buds, but the protonema. There is really no difficulty. The most important thing is that the fern seedlings have come, and there is no high requirement for light(6 cell propagation trays wholesale). The fern plants will choose to grow in greenhouses, and there is no need for a lot of water during the early seedlings.

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