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Fabric 100 Gallon Grow Bags Manufacturers Malaysia

Cherizi began to be planted in China in the 1990s(104 cell trays bulk). Cherizi is the area where cherry ripens earlier in China, with a planting area of more than 60000 mu. 70% of the cherries are imported from Europe. The United States is in the leading position in cherry production around the world More than 70% of American cherries come from the northwest(plastic garden pots wholesale). On the fertile flat land, Chinese cherries are planted in a Y-shaped shape, which can be 1 × 3 m, 220 plants per mu.

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The weather is particularly suitable for cherry growth(72 cell seed starting trays). Chelizi has weak cold resistance and likes warm and humid climate, so it is suitable for cultivation in the place with annual average temperature of 15-16 ℃. Some areas in the South should fully consider how to deal with the problem of "early spring"(large plastic planters cheap). It is more shade tolerant, but it has good light, early fruit maturity and good color. Moreover, as chelizi is not resistant to transportation, it is necessary to build a garden in a convenient place.

(fabric 100 gallon grow bags manufacturers malaysia)Sweet cherry likes cold and dry(128 cell seedling start trays). It takes 1200-2500 hours for sour cherry. The dormancy period of cherimoya is short, and it is easy to germinate when the temperature is warm in late winter and early spring. In case of "late spring cold" (frost or snow), the flower organs will be frozen, which will seriously affect the yield, or even the grain will not be harvested(14 gallon pots distributor). It is distributed in Shandong Province, Beijing, Liaoning, Shanxi and other central provinces.

During the development, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the time of low temperature and cold wave in spring coincides with the flowering period(128 cell seed starter trays). It is not allowed to plant in places where adverse weather (frost, snow, strong wind) occurs during the flowering period of chelizi(72 cell trays). Even if there are few places with disastrous weather, it is necessary to select suitable small terrain for planting when the garden is built. Generally 700-1000mm.(fabric 100 gallon grow bags manufacturers malaysia)

The natural sleeping period of chelizi is about 80-100 days(seed plug trays wholesale). Therefore, the main reason is that drought in the early stage of fruit growth will cause serious fruit drop and affect fruit growth and development. Chelizi is a light loving tree species in China. The pH value of the soil during planting is generally pH 6.0-7.5(15 gallon pots distributor). The vertical distribution of chelizi root in China generally meets in the soil layer about 20cm deep, which requires loose soil and good drainage and irrigation conditions.

(fabric 100 gallon grow bags manufacturers malaysia)Planting density should be different according to variety, rootstock and soil conditions(32 cell seed starting trays). If they are shaped in a natural cluster shape or a natural open center shape, they can be 2-3 m × 3-4 M. The density can be increased properly in the early stage, and thinning measures can be taken after the garden is completed(72 cell trays bulk). In the cold, dry and windy areas in winter, it is suitable to plant in spring, which should be before the germination of seedlings.

It can be planted in autumn in warm winter(105 cell seed starting trays). Before planting, the soil should be deep turned and ripened, and the planting holes should be dug. 25-50 kg organic fertilizer was applied to each hole. Mix the fertilizer with the soil, then plant the seedlings, and immediately pour the root water(plastic seed trays). After cutting the cuttings, put them into the prepared medicine and dip them in for 1 minute, and then insert them directly according to the spacing of 5 × 10cm.

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