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Fabric 100 Gallon Grow Bags Suppliers In China

Ficus fruit is dark purple red when it is mature(large plastic flower pots cheap). The quality of the natural fallen banyan seeds is poor(square grow pots). The best way is to collect the mature fruit from the banyan tree in early summer, then put it in a bucket, rub the skin with your hands, wash it with water, filter it with gauze, take out the seeds to sow, or shade it for sowing in spring.

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The seedbed shall be made of loose and easily drained land, preferably sandy soil(105 cell plant trays bulk). Let's take a look at the method of cultivating banyan bonsai seedlings(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Generally, the fine seeds are mashed and put into water for 12 hours to absorb enough water, so as to facilitate the emergence of seedlings early and even, and then the full seeds sunk in the water bottom are fished out.(fabric 100 gallon grow bags suppliers in china)

According to the characteristics of the trees suitable for the loose soil, the neutral or slightly acid soil rich in humus(small plastic flower pots bulk), as well as giving full play to the advantages of fertilizer resources in this area, when preparing the nutrient soil, the mixture of two parts of mushroom culture material and one part of Fengwo cinder can be selected(cell trays). The pruning method should be determined according to the tree shape. 

(fabric 100 gallon grow bags suppliers in china)After sowing, water shall be poured into the soil(growing flats), and then the border surface shall be kept dry and wet alternately, so as to avoid water accumulation leading to rotten seedlings. When a lot of adventitious buds grow on the dry basis or stem, they should be wiped at any time to avoid cross branches and overlapping branches sprouting(2 gallon nursery pots bulk), which will affect the appearance of the tree. 

Choose the fields with warm and humid, air circulation, sufficient sunshine and convenient drainage and irrigation as nursery land(farm tray). Level the ground, and make the prepared nutrient soil into a border of 120 cm in width and 20 cm in height(gallon plant pot). The selected full seeds are evenly and thinly sown on the border surface, and then covered with a thin layer of straw to prevent rain washing, so as to facilitate the emergence of seedlings.

According to the growth and appearance of fine seedlings, the principle of applying fertilizer is to apply thin fertilizer frequently(128 cell plant trays bulk). When the thin seedlings of banyan grow to three leaves, they can be greatly applied to thin and mature human feces and urine or potassium dihydrogen phosphate, once a week(3 gallon nursery pots bulk). About 12 days after sowing, it can germinate and be unearthed.(fabric 100 gallon grow bags suppliers in china)

When the height of banyan trees is up to 7cm to 8cm, the seedlings can be transplanted(162 cell plug trays supplier). When the seedlings are raised, water shall be poured first to prevent the roots from being damaged by the seedlings. In order to promote the growth of root system and strengthen the branches and trunk of the seedlings, the plastic nutrition bag was used to cultivate the seedlings(propagation tray). Many new branches are often produced. 

It can be transplanted to field cultivation, accelerate the forming speed of banyan bonsai, and improve the economic benefits of planting(5 gallon nursery pots bulk). In order to restrain its height growth and promote its lateral development, the young head of its technical shoot can be removed to promote the formation of lateral buds and branches(gallon nursery pots). In order to keep their beautiful appearance, attention should be paid to their skills.

(fabric 100 gallon grow bags suppliers in china)If it is cloud shape, the branches should be pruned to a flat shape(200 cell plug trays supplier). Parallel branches and cross techniques should be cut off in time(plug trays). Banyan disease is relatively rare, the main pests are thrips, moth, whitefly, etc., can be used forty percent times dimethoate emulsion one thousand times liquid to five thousand times liquid or amido phosphate emulsion two thousand times spray control.

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