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Fabric 15 Gallon Grow Pots Manufacturers Indonesia

It is the most easy period for hypocotyls to grow in vain when cotyledons are unearthed(72 cell propagation trays). After the nutrition bowl is filled with the nutrition soil, it is poured with water, and the seeds that have been sprouted are placed in the center of the nutrition bowl horizontally(small plastic plant pots bulk). In summer, the seedling can be placed under the shade, so as not to cause insufficient oxygen supply, and pay attention to the moisture of the nutrient soil.

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One seed is placed in each nutrition bowl, and the soil is covered with 1cm to 1.5cm after sowing(200 cell seed starting trays). In order to sprout early, a hot line is often laid under the nutrition bowl in winter and spring, on which a plastic film is covered, and the film is removed when the top soil of the sprout is covered(greenhouse pots for sale). Press lightly to make the seeds closely contact with the nutritive soil, covering the soil with a thickness of 1cm to 1.5cm, and can be appropriately thickened when using light substrate.

(fabric 15 gallon grow pots manufacturers indonesia)At this time, put ashes, sand, sawdust, etc. into the seedling tray, level it, and then pour it into water(32 cell plug trays supplier). Put the seeds that have been sprouted evenly in the seedling tray, and cover it with 1cm thick sand. After sowing in winter and spring, place the seedling tray on the ground hot line for heat preservation and moisture preservation(plastic pots that look like terracotta), but do not stick the film and sand too tightly, and the seeds should not be placed vertically on the nutritive soil.

Before sowing, the nutrient soil should be watered thoroughly, otherwise it will directly affect the root growth(105 cell plug trays supplier). When about 80% of the seeds broke the soil and emerged, 20 ℃ to 25 ℃ in the day and 13 ℃ to 16 ℃ in the night, the seedlings were prevented from growing too long due to high temperature(50 cell plug flats). In order to prevent the emergence of cucumbers "wearing caps", the seeds should be placed flat on the nutritive soil when sowing.(fabric 15 gallon grow pots manufacturers indonesia)

At this time, in order to prevent the adverse effects of low emergence rate, the planting amount of spinach can be increased slightly(50 cell plug trays supplier). After sowing, a layer of fine soil with a thickness of 0.8cm shall be covered, and 1-2 layers of sunshade net shall be covered, then sufficient water shall be sprayed, and then the soil shall be kept moist(72 cell seed trays). The emergence of spinach after sowing is very important, because it often encounters heavy rain after sowing, and it is likely to be difficult because of rain.

(fabric 15 gallon grow pots manufacturers indonesia)The ground temperature and air temperature should be reduced to about 18 ℃ immediately after cotyledons are unearthed(72 cell plant trays bulk). In the daytime, the light should be increased as much as possible to make the cotyledons green as soon as possible. If the weak light in the day and the high temperature at night, it will not only aggravate the excessive growth, but also easily lead to the occurrence and spread of the disease(square plastic plant pots). It can germinate after 4-5 days treatment.

At present, the adaptability of bottle gourd is strong, it can adapt to all kinds of soil, and the sand loam with good drainage is the best(105 cell plant trays bulk). It is not resistant to waterlogging, so the plot with good drainage and not easy to waterlogging should be selected for planting. In the greenhouse, the dry plant ash is often sprinkled(perlite price). If the common canopy film is used, the plant growth can be promoted, and the seedlings will not be delayed after pumpkin grafting.

How to keep the temperature from 25 ℃ to 30 ℃ day and night, and remove the plastic film covered on the seedling tray when seedlings emerge in succession 24 hours to 36 hours later(128 cell plant trays bulk). Temperature management is the key to grow and strengthen seedlings. In early spring, the cultivation of bottle gourd requires germination and sowing(1 gallon plastic pots). If the temperature in the greenhouse is too low at night, attention should be paid to heat preservation.(fabric 15 gallon grow pots manufacturers indonesia)

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