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Fabric 200 Gallon Grow Bags Manufacturers UK

In order to further increase the planting benefits and reduce the damage of sunburn and other diseases of Sanying pepper(72 cell plug trays supplier), a variety of interplanting models were promoted(15 gallon plastic pots wholesale). Apply 3 to 5m3 of rotten high-quality farm fertilizer, ternary compound fertilizer (nitrogen Phosphorus and potassium each contain 15%) 50 ~ 60kg, and 50 ~ 70kg of fertilizer for Sanying pepper can also be applied per mu.

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The intercropping of Sanying pepper and corn has a small investment in cultivation technology(72 cell propagation trays wholesale), is effective, and easy to grasp And other advantages, over the years has been widely used for the majority of pepper farmers. The mode cultivation technology is introduced as follows(plastic nursery pots nz). Choose a 2.3m sowing band, 6 rows of three cherry peppers, 1 row of corn. Sanyingjiao is a special economic crop with an annual planting area of about 250,000 mu.(fabric 200 gallon grow bags manufacturers uk)

Among them, garlic stubble, rape stubble and wheat stubble can be selected before the intercropping of Sanying pepper and corn(sureroot plug trays bulk). Choose a band of 2.6m, 7 rows of three cherry peppers, 1 row of corn. Three cherry peppers have a row spacing of 30cm, plant spacing of 20cm, 8974 plants per mu, and corn plants of 20cm, 1282 plants per mu(plant planters pots). Three cherry peppers are spaced 30cm apart, 20cm apart, 8662 plants per acre, and 20cm apart, 1450 plants per acre.

(fabric 200 gallon grow bags manufacturers uk)Main seedling raising methods: General spring planting uses impotence seedlings(72 cell seed trays wholesale), rape seedlings and wheat stubble adopts small arch sheds, and 150g of seed is used per mu. Fine land preparation is the foundation of high yield of Sanying pepper. The ploughing depth is 20cm(8.89cm square grow pots). Fertilization is mainly based on base fertilizer, supplemented with fertilizer, supplemented with organic fertilizer, supplemented with chemical fertilizer.

Watering was continued twice after planting(blow molded nursery pots). For soil treatment, use 0.2kg of 50% phoxim emulsifiable concentrate per acre plus 15kg of fine soil mixed with water, and apply it to the ground before ploughing to prevent damage from underground pests. Use 150-180ml of fluloride EC per acre, spray with 30-40kg of water evenly(nursery containers), harrow the ground after spraying, or spray 30mL of 33% pendimethalum EC + 45% of acetochlor EC with 30-40kg of water per acre.

It is best to water first and then transplant(7 gallon nursery pots bulk). Garlic stubble and rape stubble three cherry peppers are spaced at a distance of 30cm × (22-28) cm, and each plant is 8000 ~ 10000. Sanying peppers are reserved for corn early sowing corn. The distance between corn plants is 20cm, 1450 plants per acre, and the distance between three stubble peppers is 30cm × (18 ~ 22) cm, and there are 10,000 ~ 12,000 plants per acre(11.43cm square grow pots). The transplanting depth is 5 ~ 10cm.

If the water is planted, the water should not be over-watered, so as not to overwhelm the seedlings(bulk 10 gallon pots). After the colonization and survival of Sanyingjiao pepper, it was lightly simmered once, and watered for the second time every 5-7 days. In the fruit-growing period, ridges have been sealed in the field and cultivating should be stopped(plastic flower pots in bulk). After preparing the soil, spray herbicide on the soil surface 1 ~ 2d before transplanting.(fabric 200 gallon grow bags manufacturers uk)

15 ~ 20kg of ternary compound fertilizer can be applied as appropriate at the seedling stage to promote early ridge closure(bulk 14 gallon pots). In order to break the knots to prevent weeds. In the early fruit period, soil cultivation can be carried out in combination with cultivation, so that a small ditch can be formed between the rows, which can prevent lodging and drought, and facilitate irrigation and drainage(11.43cm square nursery pots). If there are weeds, they should be removed in time.

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