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How can potted bowl lotus make it grow well and blossom brilliantly, which is often the goal we need to strive to achieve(6 cell seedling trays). The ornamental value of the bowl lotus in a potted environment is usually very high, but after all, it can only be achieved if the soil and water environment is suitable(40 cell trays bulk). At the same time, changing the water in a potted bowl lotus is relatively simple.

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If a potted bowl lotus is used, the bottom of the basin often needs to be filled with a deep layer of soft pond mud, and the soil is a certain depth of clear water(8 cell plug trays). In the case of a normal potted bowl lotus, its roots are hidden in the soil, the stems and branches are kept in the water, and the flowers and leaves are exposed on the water surface(planting trays). This is not only more resistant to ornamental, but also more suitable for the growth of the bowl lotus.

(fabric 65 gallon grow bags wholesale suppliers uk)But after all, it is aquaculture environment(12 cell seed trays). For most flower plants, it is often necessary to change water regularly. So, do I need to change the water after the bowl lotus is in the mud? If so, how long does it take to change the water after the bowl lotus is in the mud? How to change the water? And if there are too few nutrients in the basin, the frequency of water changes should be lower(51 cell plug trays). The bottom of the pot also needs a water outlet.

It is thought that the water in which the bowl of lotus is cultivated is generally rich in nutrients(18 cell seed trays). Not only does it avoid wasting water, the bowl lotus needs to change water regularly after it is put into the mud. The original is just to change the water without having to be as diligent as ordinary aquatic plants(seedling tray 104 holes). Just fine. If you need to change the water supply a little, it is often carried out in the case of too much fertilization and too many nutrients. 

In fact, just pour out the original water in the basin and refill it with fresh water(36 cell seed trays). But do n’t put it under the faucet to irrigate. Not only the quality of tap water is not good, but also the soft soil inside is easy to be scattered and the root of the bowl lotus is exposed, which is not good for the growth of the bowl lotus(72 cell plug trays). Generally, you can put a large pot of water, and then put the bowl lotus in the water, and let the water diffuse into the bowl lotus.(fabric 65 gallon grow bags wholesale suppliers uk)

And the replaced water in the bowl of lotus can also be collected and used reasonably, and it can be used to water other flowers and plants(plastic growing trays). The replaced old water is used to raise other flower plants, which can play the role of fertilizing water to a certain extent, while providing some nutrients. In this way, the utilization of resources is improved, and it is also helpful for the growth of flower plants(128 cell plug trays). Generally, it is changed every 3 weeks, that is, about 20 days.

(fabric 65 gallon grow bags wholesale suppliers uk)It should be noted that, for family potted lotus, generally choose a flower pot with a diameter of 20 cm and a depth of about 15 cm(grow bags wholesale). When raising the bowl lotus, it needs to be blocked to prevent soil erosion. Generally, spare. The pond soil is most suitable for raising bowl lotus, because the pond mud is very fertile and soft, which is very suitable for the growth of bowl lotus(seedling tray 128 holes). Of course, we can also mix garden soil with a small amount of yellow sand.

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