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Fabric Black Cheap Grow Bags In Bulk

Yang Wanli, a poet of the Southern Song Dynasty(plastic nursery pots), has a poem: "The first time, I also felt the fragrance of the nose, the fragrance was not fragrant and tasteless, and the dull flower was sleepy, I don't know how to be drunk with flowers." This is a description of the fragrance of plum blossom. Vigorous and simple, the most beautiful. The flowering period is best during the viewing period, generally from February to March(72 cell plant trays bulk). If you need to bloom during the Spring Festival, you can put the plum blossoms into the greenhouse at about 10 °C about 40 days before the Spring Festival. You must have plenty of sunshine and spray water frequently.

(fabric black cheap grow bags in bulk)The dried stalks are covered with slanting branches(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Some of the early woody flowers of the early flowering leaves are usually formed in the summer and autumn of the previous year. If they are trimmed before germination in early spring, they will cut off the flower branches or touch the flower buds. Therefore, the trimming should be performed within 1 week to 2 weeks after flowering. However, at this time, the flowers and trees have begun to grow, the sap flow is relatively strong, and the amount of pruning should not be too large(105 cell plant trays bulk). Plum blossoms belong to one of these flowers, and should be trimmed within 1 week to 2 weeks after the flowering.

The length of flowering branches can be divided into short, medium and long(black plastic nursery pots). The middle branches with a height of 20 cm or less have the highest flowering rate, and the short branches with a length of about 2 cm can also be developed. The long branches of 30 cm or more have fewer flowers, only The apex has a few births. On the old plum branches, there are often buds that occur as short branches and can bloom. The main branch of plum blossom grows vigorously, and it is not easy to produce flower buds(128 cell plant trays bulk). Therefore, the long branch should be short-cut, which causes it to have side short branches in the same year, and the flower buds will be formed in summer and autumn.

(fabric black cheap grow bags in bulk)In addition, cut off the useless long branches and delicate branches, pests and branches(plug trays wholesale). Plum blossoms are hi-light plants. When trimming, try to cut off the overlapping and obstructing branches, so that they can fully receive the light, so that the leaves can be flowered. The artificial pruning time of the ground plum blossom can be carried out within 20 days after flowering. Take the natural tree shape as the plum blossom master(50 cell plug trays supplier), cut off the cross branches, erect branches, dry branches, over the dense branches, etc., and cut the side branches to promote the flowering and leafy.

The germination and branching of plum buds are stronger(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). After the potted plum blossoms are placed on the basin, it should be re-cut to lay the foundation for making the bonsai. Usually, the plum blossoms are used as a scene, and the plum blossoms of various postures are grafted. Keep a certain temperature, plum blossoms can be seen in the Spring Festival. If you want to "May 1" flowering, you need to maintain a temperature of 0 ~ 5 ° C and humid environment(105 cell plug trays supplier), remove the outdoor in the first ten days of April, set the place where the sun is allowed to reach, the ventilation is good, you can see the flowers before and after the "May 1".

(fabric black cheap grow bags in bulk)The base is fertile and lightly cohesive soil, combined with irrigation, according to the plum blossom tree posture, the plum blossom flower buds(wholesale nursery pots), more on the new branches of the year, the plum bonsai has color beauty, shape beauty and charm, color, fragrance, The taste is good. When planting, add bone powder, NPK compound fertilizer as base fertilizer in the soil, planting should be shallow without revealing the roots(32 cell plug trays supplier), deep planting is not easy to flower, planted after the semi-shade, poured once through the water, 10 days later transferred to normal management.

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