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It is a kind of vegetable that we eat more. In rural areas, many farmers have planted it(nursery plant pots). The yield of beans is high. Farmers who grow beans need to know that if the beans are not adjusted in time, the branches of the beans will be disordered and shaded each other(gallon pot). The flower bud differentiation of the side branches will be reduced, the flowering pod rate will be low, and the yield will be reduced in the middle and late stages.(five gallon plastic tree containers wholesale)

What are the pruning measures for the peas(plastic plant trays wholesale)? The dwarf beans are usually topped (retaining 2 to 3 leaves) when the plants are flanked, which can significantly increase the pod rate. When the plant grows 5-6 leaves and begins to stretch the vines, use the bamboo stalks to insert a large frame of "human" shape, and insert one for each hole(20 cell trays bulk). When the vines are more than 30 cm long, the vines should be carried out at noon or afternoon on a sunny day.

In the greenhouse cultivation, pull the rope on the surface or insert a small wooden stick(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), fix the upper end of the nylon rope on the wire, the lower end is fixed on the rope of the kneading surface or the small wooden stick, and the stems grow up with the rope(200 cell seedling trays wholesale). When the lateral buds below the first inflorescence of the main vine grow to about 3 cm, they are wiped off in time to promote the main vines and the early flowering and pod formation.

(five gallon plastic tree containers wholesale)If properly managed, several plants can eat for a whole season(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The vine leaves should be inserted into the vines in time. The lateral branches of the first inflorescences of the main vines leave 2~3 leaves in the early stage to promote the formation of flower buds in the first section of the side vines(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). The pruning method of bean cultivation is basically the same as above, but the period of main vines is earlier, generally when the vine is 2 meters long.

The vines are placed on the shelf, and the side branches of the main vines in the middle and late stages of plant growth are swelled (see the heart) after seeing the flower buds. The main vines are 15-20 knots, and when they reach 2-2.3 meters high, they are topped to promote the formation and development of the accessory flower buds in the inflorescences of the lower nodes(50 cell seedling trays wholesale), which is also beneficial to the harvest of the pods.

Early picking can remove some of the inflorescences and reduce the consumption of nutrients(square grow pots). The above is the key point for the adjustment of the bean plant. As long as the farmers who grow the beans are properly managed, adjust the plants in time, and master the above measures of pruning, the beans will be more and more(50 cell seed starter trays), and the purpose of high yield will be increased, which will increase the income of the farmers.(five gallon plastic tree containers wholesale)

Speaking of beans, everyone is familiar with it. So as not to break the tender head(large plastic terracotta pots). Even if the flower that is open later can grow into pods, it will not reach the maturity of the product due to the unsuitable environmental conditions for growth. The slow-growing potted plants can be applied as long as the second full-effect liquid fertilizer in spring and autumn(72 cell seed starter trays), and the second interval is half a month.

No insects, fertilizers should be decomposed, not thick, but not fertilized during the flowering period, prevent flowers from falling early(cell trays). In October, a long-acting full-effect organic solid fertilizer should be applied before the dormant winter in the potted plants. In the shallow topsoil, the foundation for the next year's growth is laid(seed propagation trays). Plants must not be fertilized during the dormant period of growth, and fertilization can cause the roots of plants to die.(five gallon plastic tree containers wholesale)

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