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Many friends have hydroponics plants in their homes(40 cell propagation trays wholesale). Hydroponics plants are labor-saving, but they also need more attention in daily life, such as fertilization. Let's take a look at the fertilization techniques of hydroponic flower plants. There is a special hydroponic plant nutrient solution on the market, which should be used in strict accordance with the instructions(plastic nursery pots suppliers), and the fertilizer concentration should be well controlled.

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Generally, the foliage plants in the following small series should be mainly nitrogen fertilizer supplemented with phosphorus and potassium fertilizer(40 cell plug tray wholesale); especially in the stage of flower bud differentiation and bud development, the foliage plants should be mainly phosphorus and potassium fertilizer supplemented with nitrogen fertilizer(black plastic growers pots). Apply plough and rake in advance. In case of any of the above situations, the rotten roots shall be cut off in time, replaced with clean water and placed in the dark place for maintenance.(green plastic hanging baskets wholesale suppliers)

Do not use it blindly, otherwise it may cause fertilizer damage(51 cell propagation trays wholesale). Because hydroponics plants are generally fertilized in the spring and autumn when they grow vigorously, it is advisable to do so in time in winter and summer. If plants suffer from malnutrition in summer which affects their growth, 0.1% urea solution can be sprayed on the leaves(plastic plant pots manufacturers). When the concentration reaches a certain height, it will produce fertilizer damage to flowers, which will affect the growth of flowers and even lead to the death of the whole plant.

(green plastic hanging baskets wholesale suppliers)The concentration of fertilizer is different for different flowers(104 cell propagation trays wholesale). Plants such as Helianthus angustifolia, Phyllostachys pubescens and Helianthus rubius are more resistant to fertilizer, and the fertilizer can be more concentrated; plants with thin roots such as sihaibo, plantaris canadensis, Begonia and colorful leaf grass are less resistant to fertilizer, so the fertilizer should be lighter(teku plastic nursery pots). In hydroponic flowers, the application concentration should be determined according to the plant growth potential.

Generally speaking, the plants with strong growth potential have stronger fertilizer tolerance, and the fertilization can be relatively concentrated(sureroot plug trays bulk), otherwise, it should be lighter. When the indoor hydroponic flowers are malnourished, the fertilization should be stopped or the concentration of fertilization should be reduced to avoid fertilizer damage(plastic plant pot suppliers). If the branches and leaves of flowers are weak and spiritless after fertilization, the leaves lose luster, and the roots rot and stink, it is the characteristics of fertilizer damage.(green plastic hanging baskets wholesale suppliers)

Each mu of base fertilizer uses bio organic fertilizer to mix 0.2kg of yunongduogong (microbial agent) every 667m2, high quality and high concentration compound fertilizer 50kg(bulk 10 gallon pots), urea 10kg, zinc fertilizer and boron fertilizer in proper amount. The water shall be changed once a day, and the roots of flowers shall be checked, and the rotten roots shall be cut off until the new roots are germinated again, and then the normal maintenance shall be carried out(succulent plant pots bulk). Well, and Ping'an tree is not cold resistant. Now it's time to apply fertilizer.

(green plastic hanging baskets wholesale suppliers)However, sometimes the root system of Ping'an tree is intact, and the green pepper in the greenhouse has a long growth period, high yield and more fertilizer(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The yield and benefit of green pepper were influenced by the quantity of base fertilizer(plastic planters suppliers). In the use of basic fertilizer for green pepper, priority should be given to the increase of organic fertilizer, the increase of microbial fertilizer, the rational use of commercial fertilizer and the appropriate supplement of micro fertilizer.

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